The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

“We wait for death. We hold our breath. We know it’s coming, and still we flinch when it claws at our throats and pulls us under.” 

This book was everything I wanted it to be. it’s the perfect atmospheric Witchy read. The descriptions are so vivid and beautiful. Also the cover is stunning!! This book is going down as one of my favourite witchy reads.

The Wicked Deep is set in the small town of Sparrow off the coast of Oregon. Two centuries ago, three sisters were accused of witchcraft. They were drowned in the pacific with stones tied to there ankles. Now every year during the Swan Season, beginning June 1st until the summer solstice. The three sisters return by claiming the body of three teenage girls. Marguerite, Aurora and Hazel each lure a boy to their death, by drowning in the harbour.

I really loved reading this. I was pulled into the story right away. loved the mystery of which girl was a swan sister. I did figure out the big “plot twist” of the story way before it was revealed, but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book.

The curse of the swan sisters is so woven into the story, I love how the lore is such a main aspect of the story.How the town has just accepted that boys drown every June , and they don’t do anything to stop it. I loved seeing the little entries about the sisters from when they were alive and how the town came to the conclusion that they were witches.

“Love is an enchantress–devious and wild. It sneaks up behind you, soft and gentle and quiet, just before it slits your throat.”

Penny, is a fantastic narrator. She was really easy to relate to. She lives on an island with her mother who has mentally checked out after her husband disappeared three years ago. She prefers to spend her time alone. One afternoon she meets a boy named Bo, he is a boy from out of town looking for work. There was a time she was looking for help but at this time she refuses him the job. He becomes entangled in her story both having secrets of there own. Bo is such a sweetie, I really loved his character.

Overall, I loved the haunting lyrical writing. The characters were well developed, the witches were captivating and the romance was sweet. I highly recommend this book if you love Hocus Pocus, it’s a fun book to read around Halloween.

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The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware


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“One for sorrow Two for joy Three for a girl Four for a boy Five for silver Six for gold Seven for a secret Never to be told” 

This book was so creepy. This book had me completely hooked from page one!

The Death of Mrs. Westaway is a story of a woman named Hal who has been grieving the loss of her mother for over the past three years. She has taken over her mother’s business as a Tarot reader down on the pier, struggling to pay the bills. One day she receives a letter detailing the death of a woman with the same last name, leaving a large inheritance to her, even though Hal suspects the writer of the letter has got the wrong person, she decides to go to the reading of the will.

She travels down the coast and is taken to the huge, cold and creepy Trepassen house. Hal soon finds herself in over her head once she meets her “family”. The other Westaways seem to have many secrets of there own. This book isn’t so much of a thriller as it is a mystery with a lot of family drama. Its definitely a slow burn, a lot of things aren’t revealed until the end, also there a a few plot holes.

“Some situations have no simple resolution; all we can do is steer the course that causes the least harm.”

Hal was an intriguing character and once the story starts to unfold about her past, I was glued to the pages. The family embraces her as there sisters daughter, welcoming her to the family. The characters were all really well developed, one character in particular I really liked and turns out that was the bad one, haha guess I’m not the greatest judge of character.

I absolutely loved the setting of creepy Trespassen House and the atmosphere of this book.I also very much enjoyed Hal and her tarot card readings. I have only read one other book by Ruth Ware, and I didn’t enjoy that one, this book was a pleasant surprise.

I read this book as part of #fridayfrightathon and I love reading along with other people,getting to see there thoughts. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light who done it mystery.

Have you read any Ruth Ware books? What did you think of them? Hope you’re all having a good day !!

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The Haunting of Hill House | Series Review

“A house is like a person’s body. The walls are like bones, the pipes are veins, it needs to breathe, it needs light and flow, and it all works together to keep us safe and healthy inside.”

The Haunting of Hill House has got to be one of the best horror shows out there. The acting, the story, the directing, the everything was just so good. I want to re watch it already!

The show follows the Crain family, five children and two parents, who move into Hill house with the intention of fixing it up and re-selling. The story jumps from the the present to the 90’s when they lived in the house. We see the story unfold through individual perspectives and flashbacks, which helps build the tension between the siblings.

The main mystery centers around the events of the night, Hugh (the father) takes the children from the house. There Mother Olivia was said to have committed suicide but there is something much more sinister to what really happened. Each episode tells the story of one of the children, as we try to piece together what happened to them during there time at Hill House. You go into the show expecting a ghost story but it is so much more than that. We see how the lives of these children are changed based off individual trauma and how the death of there mother effect them.

“Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.”

If you’re a fan of ‘slow horror’ that doesn’t depend on jump scares you should watch this series! I’ve read some review saying the first few episodes are slow but that wasn’t the case for me. I loved the first four episodes. The cinematography is brilliant, the way some of the scenes were shot were just amazing!

The casting was so well done, all the women looked so much like the mother. Also the children were amazing, they did such a good job! My favorite characters were Nell (the twist in her episode was so good!) and Theo, her character was really interesting and the child actor they had for her was so good.

“I’ve lived with ghosts since I was a kid. Since before I knew they were even there. Ghosts are guilt, ghosts are secrets, ghosts are regrets and failings. But most times, a ghost is a wish.”

I absolutely LOVED the show! Horror has always been one of my favorite genres, and this show is so much more than your average horror show. Seriously seriously recommend it!

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Wildcard by Marie Lu

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“Every problem has a solution. But after every solution, there’s a new problem to tackle, some new challenge to take on.” 

I was a little disappointed with Wildcard. I loved Warcross when I read a few months ago and I was expecting Wildcard to blow me away. I was a little sad when it didn’t but I still had a lot of fun reading it

Wildcard follows the immediate aftermath of Emika Chen’s entry into the Warcross Championship, the reveal of the controlling NeuroLink algorithm. I can’t reveal too much about the plot because of spoilers.

I loved being reunited with all the characters again. I really liked getting to know more about Zero.I never expected his backstory to be so emotional, he suffered a lot during his childhood and you really felt for him. I love the Phoenix Riders, and I really wished they had played a bigger role in this book. Without the games they got pushed aside,they have such a supportive friendship! Emika wasnt as amazing of a character as she was in Warcross. In the first book she only had to to rely on herself but in Wildcard she second guesses herself a lot. She also struggles with her feelings for Hideo.

“That’s the difference between the real and the virtual. Reality is where you can lose the ones you love. Reality is the place where you can feel the cracks in your heart.” 

This had a different vibe from the first book, but I still really enjoyed it. Its a bit slower paced. What I loved about Warcross was the games, and the intricate way Marie Lu wrote about them. Wildcard had a lot less to do with the games, which I understand, but it saddened me a little. In this second installment it was written more like a sci-fi novel and I think that was the problem for me, as I’m not a huge sci-fi fan but I still really enjoyed the story.

I would highly recommend this series to everyone and anyone.

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Spooky Book Recommendations 2018

Hello bookworms, I  hope everyone is having a good week! Since Halloween is right around the corner I wanted to share some of my favorite spooky, creepy reads. This list will include Ya and middle grade titles. I can’t believe that October is almost over, it’s going by way to fast. I have so many books I wanted to read that I may have to push some into November.

Strange Grace-Tessa Gratton

This is one of my new favorite books. A long time ago, there were three witches. And the youngest one fell in love with the devil, together, they made a deal. Every seven years the best boy from the village has to run into the forest, willing to sacrifice his life to protect his village for another seven years. It is the perfect book to read for Halloween🎃

Small Spaces- Katherine Arden

This story follows Ollie, a 12 year old girl in the sixth grade living in Vermont. She is dealing with the death of her mom, she is isolated from the other kids in her class. On her way home from school, she comes across a woman crying by the lake. The woman is holding a book and wants to throw it into the water. Ollie takes the book from the woman. This book is super creepy and atmospheric.

The Wicked Deep – Shea Earnshaw

I am currently reading this book, and LOVING it so far!  This story is about three sisters were sentenced to death for witchery, two centuries ago.  Now each summer, the sisters return, stealing the bodies of three weak-hearted girls so that they may seek their revenge, luring boys into the harbor and pulling them under. I cannot wait to see how the story finishes, its atmospheric and whimsical writing.

Sawkill Girls – Claire Legrand

Sawkill isn’t a safe place for young girls, more frequently young girls have gone missing, without their bodies ever being found. There is a local legend about a paranormal beast, who hunts and feasts on these young girls. The story follows three girls, they come together trying to figure out what is killing these girls. I enjoyed this book, but I didn’t live the ending. I still think it’s a really good spooky read.

Sadie – Courtney Summers

This is another book I’ve been seeing everywhere, and I really want to read it in the next week. This book follows Sadie, she hasn’t had the easiest life, having to raise her little sister. Then her sister is found dead and Sadie starts her own investigation to find the killer. It sounds amazing and every review I’ve seen of this book has been positive.

The Dark Descent if Elizabeth Frankenstein – Kiersten White

This book seems to be getting mixed reviews, but I’m still interested in reading it.This is  a retelling of Frakenstein from the perspective of Elizabeth – an orphan taken in by the Frankenstein family. I really wanted to get to this book and I’m hoping I still can as I just got a copy of the audiobook!

Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought .I hope your having a happy October !

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Small Spaces by Katherine Arden

GoodreadsAmazon CA

“Wherever you go in this big, gorgeous, hideous world, there is a ghost story waiting for you.” 

Small spaces is Katherine Arden’s first middle grade book, and the first book I’ve read by this author. I am in love with her writing, it’s so good! I cannot wait to read Bear and the Nightingale this winter.

This story follows Ollie, a 12 year old girl in the sixth grade living in Vermont. She is dealing with the death of her mom, she is isolated from the other kids in her class. On her way home from school, she comes across a woman crying by the lake. The woman is holding a book and wants to throw it into the water. Ollie takes the book from the woman. The next day Ollie’s class is on a delis trip, visiting an old farm where Ollie notices the woman from the lake. She starts to notice some strange things surrounding the book and what is happening around her.

Small Spaces is a perfect Halloween book. The setting is atmospheric and haunting. It was the best thing about this book, the writing transports you to the woods with the children.The scarecrows are eerie and gave me major creepy vibes. Even though this is a middle grade novel I think there is something in it even adults will enjoy.

“When the mist rises, it said, and the smiling man comes walking, you must avoid large places at night.” 

This story also touches on the importance of friendship. Ollie needs to rely on her friends Coco and Brian to get through the night safely.  Coco is the smallest girl in the class, she is also the new girl moving to his town from a big city. She is a target for bullying, she reminds me of Luna Lovegood, needless to say I loved her! Brian is Jamaican and your stereotype middle school jock. But we get to see a side of him he doesn’t show everyone. Also touches on grief, how death affects people and the healing that comes afterwards. It’s just a beautiful book that has something for every age not just for children.

I really loved this book, and it’s the perfect time to read this haunting story.  The cover reflects its eerie tone and spookiness of the story. I highly recommend this book.

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The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell Series Review

Just in time for Halloween, Netflix releases a show staring Instagram star Christine McConnell! I spent the majority of the day watching The Curious Creations Of Christine McConnell and absolutely loved it. This is not your average baking show. This isn’t a show for everyone, but I loved it so much.

Christine McConnell is such an aesthetic! She lives in a big spooky Victorian house and wears beautiful vintage dresses. Her hair is perfect, and her makeup is flawless. On top of that she has a dark sense of humor that reminds me of The Adams Family.

I adored the mummified cat, he is so sarcastic, I couldn’t stop laughing. There are some other characters; a raccoon and a werewolf. Don’t mistake the puppets as a show for kids, there’s also a series killer who goes after sex offenders and the banter isn’t for younger children.

I am bummed that there are only 6 episodes. That is not enough! I certainly hope there will be more in the future!

Watch the Trailer Here

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The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

GoodreadsAmazon CA

TW: Graphic murder, rape,miscarriage and school shooting.

This was a very dark gritty read, there is a lot of tough subject matter that leaves your emotions all over the place. The first chapter sucked me in and I could not put this book down.  The narrative is split between Charlie and Sam’s POV’s. As the reader, we get to read the horrific events from both perspectives.This was such an intense read! I went into the book not knowing anything about the story. I was immediately sucked in after the prologue, it was really gory, which isn’t something everyone can handle, so be warned going in.

“Neither one of us will ever move forward if we are always looking back.”

The Good Daughter starts off on a remote farmhouse in a small Georgia town. The book opens with a really horrifying event that sets the whole book in motion. Two men broke into the farmhouse, where Samantha and her sister Charlie were forced to watch as there mother was murdered. If that wasn’t bad enough the men led the girls into the woods. The events that follow will haunt the girls, and change there lives.

28 years later, Charlie finds herself involved in another tragedy ,a school shooting, at the middle school, involving the murder of two people. The suspected shooter is an eighteen year old girl with learning disabilities.

Charlie: The youngest sister, become an attorney herself and lives in the same hometown as her father. She is having marital problems with her husband

Samantha: The oldest sister, moves to New York . She has some disabilities from the event that happened to her as a child. I really liked her as a character, she is smart and quick thinking.

Rusty : A notorious defense attorney who believes everyone deserves a chance at justice. He represent a lot of questionable people, making him some enemies within the town.

I thought that the characters were really well done. The relationship between the sisters is strained, I loved seeing them come to terms with what happened to them .I felt so much anguish for the trauma and pain these girls are put through.

There are so many things that I loved about this book.  The aspect of family and how even though, you may not always agree with one another , your still family. I was a little disappointed with the last few chapters. I felt the ending wasn’t as climatic as the rest of the story, which is a bit of a let down and why I only gave the book 4 stars.

“Nothing ever truly faded. Time only dulled the edges.”

The Good Daughter had me on the edge of my seat .Slaughter is an amazing writer.If you haven’t read anything by this author, then you really need to get out there and pick this one up. I am really excited to read more of her book’s. Let me know in the comments what one I should read next!

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Welcome to Ghost Town by Gretchen Gomez


GoodreadsAmazon CA

Welcome to Ghost Town is Gretchen’s second poetry collection. It is different than Love and You, but holds the same lyrical writing. This collection is incredible! I am so blessed Gretchen asked me to read it before the publication date. This is a stunning and beautifully written poetry collection.

Welcome to Ghost Town is about 25 ghosts, each given a name and a voice. Gretchen pours her soul into her writing. Addressing a lot of tough issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, homophobia but also about hope and strength.

I felt such strong connections to some ghosts, and it was so well done. I am so proud and honored that the book community has allowed me to know her. To be able to read her thoughts and see her overcome everything she has been through in her past.

I encourage everyone to read this collection of poems, you won’t be disappointed!

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The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory


GoodreadsAmazon CA

I received an advance copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 

The Proposal is an own voices novel, follows Nik a young black woman and Charlos a Latino Doctor. This book was so adorable I had s hard time putting it down.

The story starts off when Nik is completely blind-sighted by a marriage proposal at a Dodgers game from her casual boyfriend, Fisher. She is humiliated and to make things worse a camera crew tries to approach her. She is thankfully saved by Charlos and his sister Angie, who happened to see the whole thing unfold.

Throughout the book we get to watch these two build a strong friendship as they are both not in a place to start a relationship.I loved Nik she is witty, sarcastic and smart. I adored her friendship with Dana and Courtney. Charlos is really charming and it’s hard not to fall for him. But as all humans he has his flaws, he is very over protective with his family to a point where he thinks that if he gets involved with someone he won’t be there for them.

A side character I absolutely adored was Nik’s friend Courtney. She is an Asian plus sized woman who owns and runs a cupcake shop. She is just the cutest!

There are some subtle hard hitting topics woven into the story as well. As the book progresses we meet a woman who has been emotionally abused in the past. She talks about how it’s hard to know that your in that type of situation and how it’s difficult to recognize the signs. Also how it’s possible to get out of the relationship and how she healed.

The ending was a little cheesy but hey it’s a romance book. I really enjoyed this book and I’m now dying to read The Wedding Date.

I buddy read this book with Melanie ,Lily and Leigh 💜

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