Review | The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L Armentrout

The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L Armentrout

Themes: Fantasy Romance

Reading Format: Audiobook

4.5 STARS //

This is the anticipated third book in the From Blood and Ash series. Ohmygodddddd I loved this book so much! Y’all will have to beat with me as my love for this series continues to grow and I will never stop screaming about it!

I’ve previously reviewed both From Blood and Ash as well as Kingdom of Flesh and Fire.

“You always had the power in you.”

The Crown of Gilded Bones was one of, if not the, most anticipated books of the year for me. I adore the From Blood and Ash series so much! Whenever anyone asks me for a book recommendation these are the books I tell them to pick up. This book takes off from the ending of A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and jumps straight in.

I love Poppy and Casteel so much. There relationship developed so naturally, and they are so supportive of each other. Poppy really comes I to herself in this book and she is seriously so badass! She really grew so much, from wanting to learn to ride her own horse to finding out secrets from her past, she found her voice. Casteel is lethal and the ultimate book boyfriend. He will stop at nothing from protecting Poppy but also allowing her to protect herself. I love all there moments together.The romance was STEAMY of course!

We got to see more of Kieran and his history, which is great because I adore him! I loved seeing his relationship with Poppy grow. Willa colyns!!!!!!! She is hands down an icon, I love her so much.

“You will bow before your Queen.” Casteel eyed the Atlantian coolly. “Or you will bleed before her. It is your choice.”

We ended up getting so many answers to questions from the first two books , but also so many new questions! This book takes so many twists and turns, you will not have time to catch your breath. I felt there was a pacing issue near the middle where the story dragged a little bit I still loved every minute.

The world building is freaking fantastic, from the kingdom’s to the forests, the different realms. JLA does such a fantastic job with creating interesting worlds, I. This book we get to see so much more of Atlantia and it’s history. There’s so much more I want to say but I can’t!! I did find it to be a little repetitive at times, which it why I took off a star, but I still really loved this book and this series. And oh course this books ending was epic!! And waiting for the next instalment is going to be torture.

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