Review|Tryst Six Venom by Penelope Douglas | 2021

Tryst Six Venom by Penelope Douglas

Themes:NA, Romance

Reading Format: Kindle, eBook

5 STARS //

“I was just angry.Jealous. I want her, I can’t have her and I’m angry that I can’t have her. So I take it out on her. “

TW: Suicide, sexual assault,

Tryst Six Venom is Penelope Douglas’ very first F/F romance and I have been DYING to get my hands on it ever since she announced it. I had super HIGH expectations,as there is a lack of good NA F/F books and I devoured this! I absolutely loved this book with my whole soul!

High school bully romance, enemies to lovers, female x female romance, all of these tropes are my favourites!

Clay Collins is a bully that you can’t help but love, she’s fierce, bold and angry. She was the perfect type of female bully, her words could definitely cut deep. A spoiled beautiful rich girl that seems to have it all, but I’m reality there is so much more to her. I really loved her character development.

Olivia Jaeher the scholarship girl from the wrong side of the track, she is so strong with a bit of a wild side. She is the outcast at school, the loner with no friends, all because she likes girls. I really liked Olivia this girl knows how to stand her ground, but she can also be vulnerable. She is the only girl in her family of five brothers, who I desperately want to know more about.

“I live for her, an enemy I never wanted to defeat. A fight I never wanted to end.”

I really enjoyed there chemistry! All there interactions were intense and complex. Omg there were so many really steamy scenes! Even just there arguments were heated. This book is also a sports romance, both girls are on the lacrosse team and we get a new of there practices and games. This entire book was so well done!

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