March Wrap Up | 2021

Hello friends! I’m really really late getting this post up, sorry about that. I have been in the biggest slump, with reading and writing. I haven’t felt the best, metal health wise, I haven’t been feeling like doing much of anything. I know it’s a week into May now, but I’m really happy if your reading this, thank you! 🧡

Liar by Tate James ★★★★

This is the second book in the Maddison Kate series, it picks up right where the first one ended. This series has so much drama, many secrets, so much angst, steamy -ness and threats. I loved this book so much! The author definitely know how to write suspense, I never know what is going to happen next. So many things happen to MK and when you think things can’t get worse for her they do. Seriously give this girl a break already. The romances!! All the boys have such different relationships with her, and I love them all.

Fake by Tate James ★★★★

This series is so addictive, I had to read the third one after the way the second one ended. Again I’m blown away by how many bad things happen to MK. Finally some answers to the boys secrets were revealed. This ended if the worst cliffhanger, like Ohmygod how could Tate James do this to me !!! I really have no idea how this series is going to end.

Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren ★★★.5

I adore this writting duo with there fun, witty romances, so you can only imagine my surprise going into Love and Other Words and having my heart ripped open. I had read a fair amount of their books and I can say so far without a doubt this one has been the most painful.In this story, Macy is a paediatric resident, engaged to a nice man, when out of the blue her first live re enters her life. Told in a dual timeline between the present and the past (when Macy and Elliot were teenagers).My heart broke for Macy all the way through this book. Even before you know much of the story, you know something bad must have happened for there relationship to just end.

What I disliked : The whole keeping the trauma a mystery by alternating between timelines. What happened is a spoiler, so If you want to know why it triggered me please dm me. I must have cried for over an hour. Not much triggers me, but I had to lower my rating. And this is totally a personal reason.

Covet by Tracy Wolff ★★★★

This is the third book in the Crave series, this was my least favourite so far but I still really enjoyed it. After how book 2 ended I was dying to get my hands in this one, I really can’t say too much because so much happens in these books and I don’t want to give anything away. Crush remains my favourite, but I’m excited to see where the story goes.

Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson ★★★★★

I had been anticipating this book since the minute I finished the first one. This book was just as good as A Good Girls Guide to Murder. I was so happy to be back with Pip and Ravi, after they solved the case of Andie Bells murder, they now have a successful podcast documenting there story. Pip has promised herself she will go back to a normal life, well life has other plans. Her friend Conner’s brother has gone missing and he is asking for Pip’s help. I usually don’t enjoy YA thrillers but these books are so fun and the mystery actually keeps you guessing.

Made in Korea by Sarah Suk ★★★

I absolutely adored this book! I loved reading it so much.Valerie is Korean -American and the younger sibling, she often feels like she will never live up to her parants expectations. That her older sister is the perfect daughter, except Valerie the is her Halmoni’s favourite. She dreams of saving enough money to take them to Paris.I loved the banter between Valerie and Wes, as they tried to outsell each other. Even though at times I could see where the story was going I highly enjoyed it.

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey ★★★

Employees of rival book stores, is what immediately drew me to this book. While I did really enjoy the book, going into

It I thought it was more of an adult romance instead it was mature YA. That’s my bad, I should have done more research. Books & Moore is a small family owned bookstore, Madeline is determined to own once she returns from college. That is until a large chain bookstore opens up across the street.

Jasper is the son of the owner of Prologue. And he makes it his mission to annoy Madeline. I really liked the premise of the story and it was really fun to read. I felt like the characters were written as if they were older but the story felt young. I recommend if your looking for a cute story about bookstores and a fun romance.

Killian Creek by Rachel Cain ★★★★

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, I loved Stillhouse Lake, but I read it last year and my excitement wasn’t there. However Scridb took away most of the books I could listen to as I listened to too many this month so I picked this one up. This one is told in multiple povs unlike the first one, getting to see there thoughts and unease was a big part of this book. How everyone slowly came to doubt Gwen and her involvement with her ex- husbands murders. Melvin is also free, that added so much more tension and fear. I did not expect this book to get as dark as it did and I was surprised by many events.

Act Your Age Eve Brown by Taliah Hibbert

THIS WAS SO FREAKING CUTE!! I flew through this book, listening to it in one day. I couldn’t get enough of Eve and Jacob. I cannot tell you the amounts of times I laughed out loud, this book was an absolute joy to read.Eve is a ray of sunshine with her purple braids and bright sassy tshirts. She tends to jump from job to job, giving up before things have a chance to grow. Her parents have had enough, so they tell her they are cutting her off financially and to hold down a job for a year before they will give her trust back to her.Talia Hibbert never fails. Their was so many cute moments, and hilarious moments , truly the best book in the trilogy. I really hope we get to see these characters again.

Thank you for reading my very late Wrap Up. I hope to not get so far behind next time.

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