Book Review | If I Had Your Face | 2021

This was the April book for books and BTS book club. This months book prompt was Seokjin: A book with pink in the cover.

“I would live your life so much better than you, if I had your face.”

Content Warnings: abuse, suicide, predatory behavior, mental health, fertility problems, cheating, misogyny

Set in modern day Seoul, we follow the lives of four young women. This didn’t read like a novel more like we got glimpses into these women’s lives. If I Had Your Face was a compelling read, exploring modern Korean womanhood, sexism, gender roles and the beauty industry. 

Ara, is a hairdresser who lost the ability to speak because of an incident in her past. She is obsessed with a singer from a K-Pop band to the point of unhealthy behaviours.

Kyuri, who has fought her way to the top to work at one of the top room salons in the country. Basically an escort,She has spent a lot of money on plastic surgeries.

Miho, a poor art student who was able to study abroad in New York with the South Korean elite. She is engage to a man from a wealthy family.

Wonna, a newlywed struggling to get pregnant, despite not knowing how she will be able to afford a child.

One of the main themes of this book is the constant need to be beautiful. Your worth is determined on how you look and how much money you have. I knew Korean beauty standards were very different than western countries, but I have never seen anything this extreme. This book is very character driven, and has almost no plot.

I felt like the book ended kind of abruptly. There was no real ending. This was an interesting story and I definitely would read this author in the future.

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