Book Review | Survive the Night | 2021

Survive the Night , Riley Sager

Themes: Thriller

Reading Format: Audiobook

Publication Date: June 29, 2021

3.5 STARS //

Every summer since he debut I look forward to his new release. This year I feel really let down., I have read all of his published books and this one is my least favourite.

SURVIVE THE NIGHT is set in 1991. Charlie is a college student who has just been through yet another traumatic loss with the murder of her best friend by the Campus Killer. Feeling overwhelmed Charlie decides to leave University and go back home. She puts up an ad on a bulletin board, right away a man approaches her and offers her a ride.

The book is mostly from Charlie’s point of view, as while it’s in the third person. She is an unreliable narrator as she sees movies in her mind. Making the reader question of what she’s seeing is happening or is it all a hallucination. Charlie begins to question Josh’s motives for giving her a ride, some of the things he’s said just don’t add up.

The whole book took place over the course of one night, which makes for a quick and intense read. I will say I did enjoy the second half on the book way more than the beginning.

While this was not my favourite Sager book, it was still an enjoyable read. I look forward to what he writes next.

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