May Wrap Up | 2021

Hello book friends!! I am still late posting, ugh there’s always next month haha. It was a little slow for me, I wanted to read more and at the same time I didn’t want to push myself as I was coming out of a book slump. But I really enjoyed the books I did read. And that’s all that really matters.

I managed to read 7 books, and most of them were at least 4 stars. I’m excited to talk about them so let’s dive in.

The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L Armentrout

This is the anticipated third book in the From Blood and Ash series. Ohmygodddddd I loved this book so much! Y’all will have to beat with me as my love for this series continues to grow and I will never stop screaming about it! This book takes off from the ending of A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and jumps straight in. So I can’t talk about it because spoilers!! If you’ve read it See my full review here.

Second First Impressions by Sally Thorne ★★★★★

This book was the perfect quirky charming and adorable story I was hoping for. When I first heard the setting was at a retirement home, I work with seniors, and this really intrigued me. And I can 100% say I loved it! This book made my heart so happy.

Ruthie is a 25 year old young woman who gets mistaken for a elder by a tattooed man at a gas station. To her surprise he turned out to be the owners son, and upon his request the tattooed man is to move into the other side of her cottage and she’s to find him a job. Ruthie has the perfect job for him, two 90 year old women who love to terrorize young men are in need of a new assistant.

Teddy the long haired tattooed man who dreams of owning his own tattoo shop, he was a complete sweetheart. There was so many sweet moments between him and Ruthie. The older women were hilarious, my god I wish my residents were that funny. The ending had tears streaming down my face.

Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas ★★★★

I am a huge fan of taboo and forbidden romance and so I really enjoyed this book. Penelope Douglas is one of my favourite authors, however this is not my favorite book of hers, but I still liked it a lot. Jordan is the nineteen-year-old girlfriend of Pike’s son, Cole. They both come to live with Pike after losing their apartment. Jordan is a great character, she loves everything to do with the 80s and landscaping, she works at a dingy bar in town barely scrapping by. While her boyfriend Cole, blows off work and parties all night. Leaving her to pick up the slack on the chores they agreed to in order to live with Pike.

From beginning to end I was captured by the connection between Pike and Jordan. Their chemistry bursts off the page. I love how much they had in common and they didn’t immediately act on there attraction, I love a good slow burn romance. This was SO GOOD. So so so so so freaking good.

Welcome to The Dark Side by Giana Darling ★★★★★

While I really enjoyed the first book, I was SO EXCITED to finally read Zeus’s story. I knew there was going to be an age gap,I just thought she was going to be at least 18, but Lou was seventeen for almost the entirety of the book.Ever since Zeus Garro saved Lou life in a downpour of bullets in a church parking lot, She has been writing letters to him, at the age of seven when she was diagnosed with cancer and he was taken to prison. The letters were seriously so cute and I loved that the book started out that way. Now, at 17 her cancer has returned, and she’s tired of being the good girl who listens to her parents and teachers.

This book was at its core a romance, but it was also so much more than that. Lou’s struggle with health issues, and discovering who she wants to be. Also her friendship with Mute was one of my FAVOURITE parts of the book. I was also not expecting this book to make me so emotional, I cried more times than I thought I would reading a motorcycle romance.Every MC fan NEEEEEDS to pick up this series!

Lords of Pain by Angel Lawson ★★★★

CW: Sexual Assault, rape, non consent, physical abuse,kidnapping,bullying, Humiliation

I saw this book in a reversed harem booktok, and the cover really drew me in. The book is all kinds of fucked up. Please check the trigger warnings. You really need to be comfortable reading problematic content. This book will make you question everything and you’ll wonder why you care about such awful characters. I was immediately hooked, but I wasn’t exactly sure I liked it. It wasn’t until I was at around 30% that I noticed I didn’t want to stop reading. I haven’t read a book this fast in so long. I finished it in less than two days. I don’t want to say too much about the plot because really that’s the best way to go into this. I had no idea it wasn’t out yet luckily it comes out in June. I have my suspicions who the stalker is, so I’m really excited to see what happens in the sequel.

Corrupt by Penelope Douglas ★★★

I first read this book in 2015 and never continued with the series. So this was a re read so I can read the other books. This book has so many trigger warnings: bullying,rape, attempted rape, murder, child abuse, animal cruelty and many others.

Havoc by C.M Stunich ★★★★

This book took my by surprise, I really was not expecting to like it so much. This is a high school bully ,reverse harem series.

HAVOC is actually an acronym for 5 boys, each letter is the first letter in there name. They are more than just a high school gang, and Bernadette is not exactly sure what she is trying herself into. The previous year these boys bullied her and made her life hell, this year she needs there help. On the first day of her senior year she calls out the word HAVOC.

Now she must pay their price in order to get her revenge on the people who have wronged her.

I am definitely hooked! The revenge plot is so so good! I cannot wait to see what happens next. I’m sali very Intrigued by all the boys each one is so different and can’t help but love them all. Of course I do have my favourites, Aaron and Callum.

I’ve already started book 2!

I did better this month at writing me review as I finished the books, so this wrap up isn’t two months late 😂 I was really feeling the dark romances this month, and I have a feeling it’s going to spill over into June as well.

What was your favourite book you read in May?

Mine was Welcome to the Dark Side!!

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3 thoughts on “May Wrap Up | 2021

  1. Ohh happy it was a rather good reading month despice the slump! I’m also been wanting to read second first impression.

    I have a bit of a difficulty with age-gaps.. especially if the youngest is bellow 19, which is the age of majority in my country..


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