Spring Favourites | Book’s, TV Shows, Music, YouTuber’s | 2021

Hello my lovelies! How are you? I love gushing about things that I love. On YouTube these posts are pretty popular so I thought hey why not give this a try. So I want to share some of my favourite books, tv shows, music that I have been living this winter. I am hoping to make this a quarterly thing here on my blog. So I really hope that you guys enjoy it!


So if you’ve been following my wrap ups then you have already seen me mention these books. I seriously cannot stop thinking about them. These will all be on my top 10 books of the year for sure!

Flock and Exodus by Kate Stewart

Credence by Penelope Douglas

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas

Welcome to the Dark Side by Giana Darling

TV Shows

Love Alarm Season 1 + 2 : This show was so fun.

True Beauty : I have an entire post dedicated to this show. It is one of my favourite drama’s. I finished it at the beginning of March and I want to rewatch it already. I love the three main characters so much!


Day6: This is s group I have been obsessed with for months now.

SHINee: I experienced my first comeback and no lies I loved every song on the album. I’ve had this album on repeat for weeks and I don’t think I could ever tire of it.

Ateez: They also recently had a comeback, and the album slays. Ohmygodddddd it is so good.


Cari Cakes : I love her Vlogs so much! She actually has two channels and I love them both. One is vlogs and lifestyle, she goes to different people cafe and museums in South Korea. It’s very cozy and aesthetic. Plus she is super talented and really funny. Her second channel is about books, so of course I love her even more!

2hearts1seoul : This married couple is seriously #goals! They are super cute. Sarah is from Nova Scotia which is amazing because that’s literally a few hours from me and she’s married to Kyuho, a Korean man, they live in a cute apartment in South Korea. They make lifestyle vlogs, travel around Korea, they cook, play with there adorable cat and they feed stray cats!! I love them so much.

Throneofpages: My new favourite booktuber, Isabella! She makes videos about all my favourite things; books, kpop, KDrama’s,manga, also vlogs. She’s super cute and chaotic, I love her 💜


Stardew Valley: I started playing Stardew in April and became obsessed. It has become my escape from reality, where I grow crops and become friends with the villagers. My character is dating Sébastien. It is the most cosy game!

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