Korean Drama | True Beauty Review | 2021

True Beauty is a popular Korean drama based on the Webtoon written by Yaongyi. Lim Ju-kyung an 18 year old high school student that is bullied due to her appearance, the kids call her ugly and tease her to the point of suicide. Everything changes when Lee Su-ho a handsome stranger grabs her from the edge.

Soon she learns makeup techniques from YouTube beauty channels, and transfers to a new school. Where everyone calls her pretty and she finally has friends. As well as a crush! Lee Su-ho is the top student in class, a little asocial but is a total sweetheart. I loved how there relationship developed over time, there were sometimes that he annoyed me but overall I did like him.

Enter Seo-jun, a bad boy on a motorcycle. He runs into some trouble when he is being chased by a group of boys, when Lim Ju-kyung scares them off. HELLO, TEAM HAN SEO-JUN!! True Beauty really made the softest bad boy ever who wears a leather jacket. He sings, plays guitar, ice skates, rides s motorcycle, loves his family, has a smile to die for! I have bad “second leads” syndrome,I always fall for the boy who isn’t the main love interest .

Let’s talk about the side characters, Lim Hee-kyung Lim Ju-kyung older sister, she is quirky and fun. She works at Move a music entertainment company. Lim Ju-young, is a bratty younger brother and I really loved all his scenes. Su-Jin She’s one of the top students in their class, beautiful, rich and seems practically perfect,and becomes Lim Ju-kyung best friend. Choi Soo-ah is a cute popular girl who becomes another one of Lim Ju-kyung best friends. The side characters really help build the show, they bring comic relief as well as meaningful friendships.

What I really love about his drama was how Lim Ju-kyung slowly learns to love herself. Despite years of bullying and the constant need to wear makeup, she starts to believe she deserves good things. That is such an important lesson to young adults and most adults as well.

I could honestly keep writing but I don’t want to bore you. I highly recommend watching this drama. It’s funny, heartwarming and touches on some tough subjects. And one that I will be re watching in the future!

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6 thoughts on “Korean Drama | True Beauty Review | 2021

  1. I’m going to add this to my list! I’ve only ever seen one k-drama before (which was ‘Crash Landing On You’) and I really enjoyed it so have been trying to find another one to watch for a while 🙂

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  2. Lim Hee-kyung Lim Ju-kyung older sister was by far my favourite character in this drama, I just LOVED her character!! And I think most of us had a pretty bad second lead syndrome for this drama. My heart’s still pains for Seojun.
    Anyhoo, glad you enjoyed this drama so much!

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