September Wrap Up | 2020

Hey friends! How was your September ? I hope it was good and safe and filled with the best books. September was a rough month for me, I wanted to read so many books but that didn’t happen. I feel like I set myself up to fail by making such a large want to read list.

Anyways here are the books I read in September.

These Monstrous Ties by KV Rose ★★★★

This book is extremely dark,with many trigger warnings such as, violence, blood, abuse, drug and alcohol use, thoughts of suicide, sexual content, among many others so please be aware of that if you are going g to be reading this book. This story is about a young woman named Syd, on Halloween night she unexpectedly meets a man, who goes by the name of Lucifer. That’s all I needed to know about this, dark romance in Halloween, yes please! This book is told in dual timelines, during the past in that Halloween night and in the present, as we learn what happened to Syd. I really liked this book, and immediately read book 2.

Pray for scars by KV Rose ★★★

This is the sequel to These Monstrous Ties, so I cannot say to much about the plot because that would be giving away to many spoilers fro book 1. This book begins right after the events of the first book, Syd is left to deal with everything that has happened. While I loved the first book, I didn’t enjoy this one as much, the build up was so intense that I felt slightly disappointed with the reveal. There was also some secrets that were discovered that turned out to be one of my least favourite tropes, but I can’t talk about it because I don’t want to spoil anything. I originally gave this a 4 star but now thinking about it I’m going to lower it to a 3 star.

Ash and blood by Jennifer L Armentrout ★★★★★

Ohmygod this book is being added to my favourites list. I loved it so much, it’s been such a long time since I read a Jennifer L Armentrout book, but her writing is so addicting. This is a new adult high fantasy, where we follow a girl named Poppy, she is the maiden. Someone who is sacred and must never be looked upon or touched. She cannot have any friends and her life is not her own. But one night she sneaks out of her rooms and has an unforgettable encounter with a palace guard named Hawke. Soon after Poppy begins to discover secrets about her kingdom and begins to question her role. The beginning of the book was a little slow to start but once we hit 200 pages it was none stop. And the romance in this was perfect!!You all need to stop everything and read this right now. It’s so good.

City of Brass ★★★★

I loved this book so much! I kept putting it off because it’s so many peoples favourite and I really wanted to like it as well. I am extremely happy that I loved the story and the characters as much as I did. I plan on reading Kingdom Of Cooper in November. If you don’t know what this book is about, it is an own voices Muslim fantasy that follows two points of views. One is a girl names Nahri, she is a healer and can magically sense where the problem lays. Our second point of view is a Prince named Ali, who lives in the city of Daevabad. This book is beautifully written adventure, and I highly recommend picking this one up.

Wolfsong by Tj Klune ★★★★★

This is another book I will be adding to my favourite books of all time list. I have had this on my TBR for years and just never felt to urge to pick it up. I was constantly seeing Robyn posting about it and then she announced a group buddy read. I am SO happy I decided to join because this book was so special! Seriously, it has everything; found family, angsty relationships, werewolves and action. This book gave me all the feels, I wasn’t ready for it. The whole premise of Wolfsong is pack. Pack is family and you get to make your family. We have Ox, a teenage boy living in a small town, working at a garage when he is out for a walk and stumbles upon a group of people. He instantly forms an intense bond with a young child named Joe. This book is told in a span of 10 years, so I can’t get into too many details. But I cannot wait to continue the series.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia ★★★★★

This book is incredibly atmospheric and the writing is hauntingly beautiful. Mexican Gothic is set is 1950s Mexico, as Neomi travels to the manor in which her young newly wed cousin lives with her husband and his family. She is traveling to see Catalina because she received an unsettling letter begging Neomi to come and save her. I cannot properly describe this book without giving anything away. I went into this book knowing nothing except that it was described as a horror novel, and I think that is the best way to read it. The events and descriptions in this book were graphic and at times were just really strange. I was instantly drawn into to the story and I really enjoyed it.

There we have it, I hope you all had a good September, and I am so so excited for October abd all the spooky reads 🎃

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