Spoiler Free Book Review | The Good Son by You Jeong-Jeong | 2020

The Good Son is a Korean written psychological thriller that has been translated into English. This is the first translated book I’ve read since I finished high school, which is to say it’s been a long time. I really want to read more translated books.

“Who can you trust if you can’t trust yourself?”

Everything starts with Yu-Jin waking to the smell of blood and finding that his mother has been brutally murdered in the apartment they share. He cannot recall what happened the night before. Yu-Jin is an epileptic who suffers from blackouts, and therefore he loses pieces of time. We the reader get to go along with Yu-Jin as he tries to find out what happened.

This is a slow burn story, as we really get to see inside Yu-Jin mind. The writing is so good, it really sucks you in. This book consumed me, all I wanted to do was read and find out more. Somethings can be repetitive at times but I think that was done on purpose to show Yu-Jin state of mind as things unravel.

I really enjoyed this book, it is a Korean bestseller and for good reason! This won’t be a book for everyone, and you might want to give up early on in the story but I urge you to stick with it because the end is so worth it.

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