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Hello friends! Yes you saw that right I am back! After a much needed four month hiatus, I’m back with new ideas! If you have not been here before welcome, my name is Stephanie, and if you have, welcome back! Today is my birthday, I wanted to post something on my birthday but I wasn’t sure what. I had this idea for a Q&A for a video but I’m decided I’m not doing that anymore, so this is a chill post with all the questions I was asked for that video here instead.

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I’m so happy I took a blogging break, I was struggling for a while to come up with interesting content and to be honest my heart really wasn’t in it. I think I got into a writing slump, and my blog was primarily about books. Which is one of the small changes I’m making, I want my blog to be all of me. I will now be writing about books, KPop, movies/TV, parenting, motherhood, and anything else that catches my attention. And I really hope that you stick around.

I want to thank all my friends who asked me questions and for all of your love and support while I figured out if I wanted to start YouTube or continue blogging. I love you all!! Okay so before this gets to long, let’s get started.

Bookish Questions


What are your most anticipated 2020 releases?

There are so many incredible books being published this year that there is no way I can name them all or we would be here all day. So I will tell you three books that I’m really excited about.

1. Crescent City- Sarah J Maas – March 3 2020

I am super hyped for this book! I am 100% trash for SJM, and I have already pre-ordered this one way back when it was announced. Now I’m not exactly sure what this book is about but I of course will read anything she writes. I believe this book is about a girl who is at a party and witnesses a demon murder a bunch of her friends. And she sets out the avenge their deaths, during her journey she meets a fallen angel. This is slow her first official adult book and I can’t wait!

2. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes- Suzanne Collins – May 19

The Hunger Games holds such a special place in my heart, so I of course had to include this new prequel novel. The Hunger Games movie, was my fiance and I first date. I can’t wait to see what Collins does, now that it’s been years since the trilogy has been released. Also who wants to buddy read them all in April ?

3. Heartstopper Volume 3- Alice Oseman – February 6

Alice Oseman is without a doubt my favorite YA contemporary author. I love her style so much, and I don’t think I could ever dislike a book she could come out with. Heartstopper is a graphic novel following Nick and Charlie as they discover they have feelings for each other. This story is just so pure, and heartwarming.

Melanie, also asked, top 3 books of 2019?

1.Queen of Nothing-Holly Black

I love this trilogy with my whole heart! It’s so good! I have been having a hard time getting into fantasy the past two years, which makes me so sad, but The Cruel Prince I flew through it in a day. I loved it so much and Queen of Nothing is the perfect ending, I’m usually hard on final books but I loved it.

2.With the Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo

I read this book in March 2019, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it the rest of the year. I felt a really strong connection with this story. Emoji is a senior in high school and she also has a young baby. If you didn’t already know I had my son when I was 17,so I was just starting my senior year when he was born. She is such a strong and passionate character, and her struggles I really felt what she was feeling. I seriously cried reading this whole book. It’s such a beautiful story and I think everyone would enjoy it.

3. Red White and Royal Blue- Casey Mcquiston

I think everyone heard about this book during 2019! I adored it, there was so much good in this story. Casey brought a fun sweet romance but also shed some light on some serious issues. I really think she is going to do big things in the book community! If you didn’t know what this book is about it’s follows, Alex the son of the current president who is a woman from Texas. Her re-election year is coming up, and Alex must put on a happy face when he is forced into spending time with Henry, the prince of whales. There relationship was so cute, I love them so so much!!


What got you into reading?

When I was young I didn’t have many friends at school and often was teased. So books became my constant companions, I carried them everywhere. I read everything from short chapter books to non fiction.

What is your all time favorite book?

Heaven, over here asking the hard question!!Hows does one even pick a favorite. Mine tends to change based on my mood and season. For a cliche answer I will say Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I read a variety of genres, but my favorites are YA fantasy, YA contemporary, thrillers and romance.

What is your Hogwarts house?

I am a proud Ravenclaw!

What is your reading goal for the year?

My goal is to read 100 books, that’s how many I’ve read for the past two years so I believe I can accomplish that number.

Now to mix it up a little, Heaven also asked me some Kpop questions.

What Kpop groups do you stan?

I’m fairly new to Kpop, so I’ve only listened to a handful of groups. I of course stan BTS! They mean everything to me. I also love Mamamoo and Twice. Just these past few weeks I’ve been getting into ATEEZ.

When did you get into Kpop?

I first started looking into BTS in July, but it really hit me hard in September. I need to feel a connection to care about something and before I knew who the members were I liked there music, but once I got to know them and picked a bias I was all in.

Who are your biases?

My BTS bias is JHope!! I could never properly explain what he mean to me and I’m sure a lot of people wouldn’t understand even if I tried. He is a ray of sunshine, always smiling and making sure the other members are happy. His dance skills are like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and his voice !! He just brings me so much happiness. My Mamamoo bias is Moonbyul, I love her. She is such a dork, and not afraid to be 100% herself. She is also a vocal queen. My friend Meghan once said she is the female J-Hope and wasn’t surprised I connected with her. I just love happy cute people.

Have you been to any concerts?

Not yet. But BTS Canada2020!! I am so excited that they are coming to Toronto and really stressed about buying tickets. I will probably write a post about the whole expirience once its all over.

Do you collect photocards or albums?

I am collecting the albums. I would like to collect the photocards, at the moment I’m not actively collecting.


Who is your bias wrecker?

Honestly, it’s all of the members. They’re all incredibly talented and each bring a unique voice to the group. I love them all. As of late, Tae has officially been moved to bias wrecker status.

What BTS song always brightens your day?

I love so many BTS songs and its hard to say which one specifically brightens my day but DNA always gives me a happy feeling, and Boy With Luv holds a special place in my heart as the first song I listened to.

What book makes you think of BTS?

I was born for this by Alice Oseman. It’s about being a part of a music fandom, or fandoms in general and it’s absolutely perfect. I actually have a full review for this book going up very soon.

What is your favorite time of day to read?

I like to read at night, that’s when Emmy is the most likely sleeping and gives me a few hours to read. I also like to read on my lunch break at work.

What is the book you recommend the most to people regardless of genre?

I recommend The Cruel Prince pretty often to people when they ask me for a book commendation. Also I  highly recommend any Alice Oseman book, seriously she is a brilliant author.


What are some backlist books you want to read in 2020?

I will have a whole post about backlist books I want to read, so I’ll just name a few here. I really want to read Strange the Dreamer, I keep putting it off because I’m intimidated by its size and I really want to love it. I also want to pick up StarFish by Akemi Dawn Bowman, this book sounds like it will be a beautiful story and I think I will pick it up soon.

Are there any other KPop groups besides BTS you’re a fan of, or what to get more into?

I really want to get more into ATEEZ, I’ve listened to a few songs and I really liked them.

Thank you so much for everyone who asked me questions and for continuing to support me, even while I was on my break. I am so excited to be back. I love you all and hope you had a great January.

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