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My Top Ten Office Episodes

Hello Friends! I’m a little late posting this, so I apologize. I’m here today to talk about one of my favorite shows, The Office. I’m going to warn you now this post will contain major spoilers so do not read if you haven’t seen the show yet. And if you haven’t watched it then go do it, right now!

To start off I’ll give a little summary, The Office follows the employees of Dunder Mifflin paper constant in Scranton. My favorite characters include Micheal,Dwight,Pam and Jim so of course most of my favorite episodes will be centered around them. Pam Beesly is honestly the most realistic character ever written and when people say they dislike her I feel personally attacked.

I’m a sucker for tv couples that start off as friends and fall in love. That’s my favorite ship, it’s slow burn but you get to see there relationship developed naturally overtime and it is just the sweetest. Also Dwight is more soft hearted then he is given credit for and I will fight you to defend him. Okay now with that all out of the way, let me tell you my favorite episodes.

10.The Dundies -Season 2, Episode 1 

This was the episode that really got me into the show.Before ever watching The Office I really disliked Steve Carell as an actor but Micheal Scott quickly became my favorite character. He is so over the top, but he also cares deeply for his staff. This episode takes place at a child’s restaurant where the annual Dundee’s are being held, these are awards Micheal hands out, such as hottest in the office etc. It’s such a funny episode, Pam who had never won before, spends all night drinking margaritas in anticipation of losing again. But this year she wins! I love Pam, she is so sweet.

9.Beach Games -Season 3, Episode 22

In this episode Michael, is taking the group to the beach for a survivor like competition. He’s recently been interviewed for a job at cooperate and believes he will get it. So in order to find a replacement manager he gets everyone to do a series of tasks and the winner will be the new manager. Dwight and Angela come up with a plan to sabotage Andy, leaving him to float up the river in a sumo suit. While, Pam is forced to sit on the sidelines and take notes on the participants. This is such a great episode, I love when Micheal has crazy ideas.

8. Fun Run – Season 4, Episode 1

Micheal accidentally hits Meredith with his car, he demands to take her to the hospital. Once there it is discovered that she has rabies. In his attempts to make amends with her, he sponsors a fun fun to raise money for rabies. Also Angela is mad at Dwight because she believes he killed her cat sprinkles. When I think of the office this is one of the episodes that always comes to mind.

7. Money season 4 episode 4

In this episode Jim and Pam discover Dwight is running a bed and breakfast at Schrute farm. They book a room for the night, they engage in a series of activities including Dwight reading a passage from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire they return to there rooms for the night. They are awoken by some strange noises coming from down the hall. Meanwhile Michael is working as a telemarketer to make some extra income to pay off his debt. I love this episode so much, Dwight is one of my favorite characters, ever, so any episode with him is okay with me.

6. The fire season 2 episode 4

This is a fantastic episode, Michael takes it upon himself to teach Ryan about business. Soon into the episode the fire alarm goes off and everyone needs to evacuate the building. Dwight and Angela take charge of the evacuation as Micheal pushes people of of the way in order to get out himself. Once in the parking lot Michael continues to hang out with Ryan, causing Dwight to become jealous.

5. Product Recall -Season 3, Episode 21

I seriously love this episode, Jim shows up at work dressed exactly like Dwight. No matter how many times I see this episode I laugh every time. Dwight isn’t impressed, so later on in the episode he shows up dressed like Jim. Who laughs it off. Again these two characters together are so funny!

4.Goodbye Michael -Season 7, Episode 20

Micheal has been telling everyone it is his second last day at the company when in fact it is his last. As the day progresses he tries to have individual goodbyes with each employee Throughout the day Micheal hopes to see Pam, who is running errands outside the office. Dwight is bitter about the fact he wasn’t recommended for manger and gives Micheal a hard time, but Micheal gives him a card challenging him to a game of paintball. Jim figures it out and they have a ready goodbye. The real tear jerker is when Micheal sees Pam at the airport. Even describing this episode is making me ready eyed.

3.Business school -season 3 episode 17

Ryan invites Micheal to speak at his business school, leaving Dwight in charge. While Micheal is gone, a bat is discovered in the ceiling. Instead of calling animal control Dwight takes it upon himself to capture it. He finally manages to trap it with a garbage bag, when it lands on Meredith’s head. Micheal gets into a heated argument with a student, about the paper company becoming obsolete and starts ripping pages out of the textbook. He blames Ryan for the mess and to punish him makes him sit at Kelly’s desk.

2.Niagara -Season 6 Episode 4/5

This is a two part episode, to celebrate Jim and Pam’s Wedding. The group all head to Niagara, once there Micheal and Dwight go on a search for women to hook up with. While Andy tries to peruse Erin.Pam is pregnant and is bidding it from everyone until after the wedding, however during a toast Jim slips up. Now her grandmother is refusing to come. Micheal sees how upset Pam is and takes it upon him self to convince grandma to come to the wedding. During the wedding ceremony the group breaks out in a flash mob, this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. Jim and Pam react with humor, as they have already been married alone on the ferry under the falls. I tear up during this episode too.

1.Stress Relief – Season 5, Episodes 15 and 16

Okay time for my favorite episode. Dwight stages a fire to test the office on there fire safety . Things start to go very wrong and they cannot get out, then Stanley has a heart attack. Once he is released Micheal sets up a CPR training class for the group. I work in healthcare and have gone to many of these training classes, actually I just went last week. Dwight of course has to take everything to the next level asking about organ harvesting. He pulls out a hunting knife and cuts off the dummy’s face and wear it as his own. Now every time I’m in one of these classes, I crack up when they pull out the dummy because this episode is all I can picture.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–That’s all, it is extremely difficult to narrow down your favorite episode’s. Let me know if the comments what episodes you love, or characters you love from the show.

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