My Top Ten Office Episodes

Hello Friends! I’m a little late posting this, so I apologize. I’m here today to talk about one of my favorite shows, The Office. I’m going to warn you now this post will contain major spoilers so do not read if you haven’t seen the show yet. And if you haven’t watched it then go do it, right now!

To start off I’ll give a little summary, The Office follows the employees of Dunder Mifflin paper constant in Scranton. My favorite characters include Micheal,Dwight,Pam and Jim so of course most of my favorite episodes will be centered around them. Pam Beesly is honestly the most realistic character ever written and when people say they dislike her I feel personally attacked.

I’m a sucker for tv couples that start off as friends and fall in love. That’s my favorite ship, it’s slow burn but you get to see there relationship developed naturally overtime and it is just the sweetest. Also Dwight is more soft hearted then he is given credit for and I will fight you to defend him. Okay now with that all out of the way, let me tell you my favorite episodes.

10.The Dundies -Season 2, Episode 1 

This was the episode that really got me into the show.Before ever watching The Office I really disliked Steve Carell as an actor but Micheal Scott quickly became my favorite character. He is so over the top, but he also cares deeply for his staff. This episode takes place at a child’s restaurant where the annual Dundee’s are being held, these are awards Micheal hands out, such as hottest in the office etc. It’s such a funny episode, Pam who had never won before, spends all night drinking margaritas in anticipation of losing again. But this year she wins! I love Pam, she is so sweet.

9.Beach Games -Season 3, Episode 22

In this episode Michael, is taking the group to the beach for a survivor like competition. He’s recently been interviewed for a job at cooperate and believes he will get it. So in order to find a replacement manager he gets everyone to do a series of tasks and the winner will be the new manager. Dwight and Angela come up with a plan to sabotage Andy, leaving him to float up the river in a sumo suit. While, Pam is forced to sit on the sidelines and take notes on the participants. This is such a great episode, I love when Micheal has crazy ideas.

8. Fun Run – Season 4, Episode 1

Micheal accidentally hits Meredith with his car, he demands to take her to the hospital. Once there it is discovered that she has rabies. In his attempts to make amends with her, he sponsors a fun fun to raise money for rabies. Also Angela is mad at Dwight because she believes he killed her cat sprinkles. When I think of the office this is one of the episodes that always comes to mind.

7. Money season 4 episode 4

In this episode Jim and Pam discover Dwight is running a bed and breakfast at Schrute farm. They book a room for the night, they engage in a series of activities including Dwight reading a passage from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire they return to there rooms for the night. They are awoken by some strange noises coming from down the hall. Meanwhile Michael is working as a telemarketer to make some extra income to pay off his debt. I love this episode so much, Dwight is one of my favorite characters, ever, so any episode with him is okay with me.

6. The fire season 2 episode 4

This is a fantastic episode, Michael takes it upon himself to teach Ryan about business. Soon into the episode the fire alarm goes off and everyone needs to evacuate the building. Dwight and Angela take charge of the evacuation as Micheal pushes people of of the way in order to get out himself. Once in the parking lot Michael continues to hang out with Ryan, causing Dwight to become jealous.

5. Product Recall -Season 3, Episode 21

I seriously love this episode, Jim shows up at work dressed exactly like Dwight. No matter how many times I see this episode I laugh every time. Dwight isn’t impressed, so later on in the episode he shows up dressed like Jim. Who laughs it off. Again these two characters together are so funny!

4.Goodbye Michael -Season 7, Episode 20

Micheal has been telling everyone it is his second last day at the company when in fact it is his last. As the day progresses he tries to have individual goodbyes with each employee Throughout the day Micheal hopes to see Pam, who is running errands outside the office. Dwight is bitter about the fact he wasn’t recommended for manger and gives Micheal a hard time, but Micheal gives him a card challenging him to a game of paintball. Jim figures it out and they have a ready goodbye. The real tear jerker is when Micheal sees Pam at the airport. Even describing this episode is making me ready eyed.

3.Business school -season 3 episode 17

Ryan invites Micheal to speak at his business school, leaving Dwight in charge. While Micheal is gone, a bat is discovered in the ceiling. Instead of calling animal control Dwight takes it upon himself to capture it. He finally manages to trap it with a garbage bag, when it lands on Meredith’s head. Micheal gets into a heated argument with a student, about the paper company becoming obsolete and starts ripping pages out of the textbook. He blames Ryan for the mess and to punish him makes him sit at Kelly’s desk.

2.Niagara -Season 6 Episode 4/5

This is a two part episode, to celebrate Jim and Pam’s Wedding. The group all head to Niagara, once there Micheal and Dwight go on a search for women to hook up with. While Andy tries to peruse Erin.Pam is pregnant and is bidding it from everyone until after the wedding, however during a toast Jim slips up. Now her grandmother is refusing to come. Micheal sees how upset Pam is and takes it upon him self to convince grandma to come to the wedding. During the wedding ceremony the group breaks out in a flash mob, this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. Jim and Pam react with humor, as they have already been married alone on the ferry under the falls. I tear up during this episode too.

1.Stress Relief – Season 5, Episodes 15 and 16

Okay time for my favorite episode. Dwight stages a fire to test the office on there fire safety . Things start to go very wrong and they cannot get out, then Stanley has a heart attack. Once he is released Micheal sets up a CPR training class for the group. I work in healthcare and have gone to many of these training classes, actually I just went last week. Dwight of course has to take everything to the next level asking about organ harvesting. He pulls out a hunting knife and cuts off the dummy’s face and wear it as his own. Now every time I’m in one of these classes, I crack up when they pull out the dummy because this episode is all I can picture.

—————————————————————————————————————————————–That’s all, it is extremely difficult to narrow down your favorite episode’s. Let me know if the comments what episodes you love, or characters you love from the show.

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My Top Ten Gilmore Girls Episodes!

If you’re new to my blog then I’m about to tell you that Gilmore Girls is my favorite show ever. Rory and Jess are my ultimate ship, I love them both so so much! I first started watching this show when I was 13! I related to the characters so much and fell in love with the town of Stars Hollow. Honestly if it were a real place I’d move there in a heartbeat. I love to re watch it every year in the Fall, it’s just the perfect show in my opinion.

Trying to narrow down to my top ten favorite episodes of my all time favorite show it’s nearly impossible. For the most part this list reflects my favorites of the whole show. I could go on and on about how much I love Gilmore Girls, but I won’t so let’s get into the list! Just a warning if you’ve never seen the show and are planning to watch it or you’ve never seen all the seasons yet, there may be some major spoilers.

I’m also very bias towards Jess and I’m sorry if he’s not yours but I love him with my whole being and a lot of this episodes will feature him.

Okay, I could talk about this show all day, so lets get into my top 10 favorite episodes !

Top Ten Gilmore Girls Episodes

10. Lorelai Graduation Day Season 2 Episode 21

9. There’s the Rub season 2 Episode 16

Lorelai and Emily spend the weekend at the spa, while Rory is left at home. I really like this episode, we don’t get a lot of happy Emily and Lorelai moments. I love the moments at the spa but my favourite is when there at the restaurant. Then there’s Rory she only wants to stay home, do laundry eat Indian food. Her plans are derailed when Paris shows up in a panic over a test. Rory agreed to help her study, when Jess shows up with a ton of food. Seeing Paris he invites himself to stay and eat with them. This has to be one of my favourite moments, I love the three of the together. Things end badly though when Dean shows up to surprise Rory. They get into an argument and Paris saves Rory by telling Dean Jess was there to see her not Rory. Ugh my heart so good!!

8. A-Tisket, A-Tasket Season 2 Episode 13

It’s the Stars Hollow annual Picnic Basket auction, which by the way sounds amazing and I’d totally participate in this kind of event. It sounds like so much fun! Anyways, it was to fun for Dean when Jess outbids him. Rory and dean get into a heated argument when Rory agrees to have lunch with Jess as it’s part of the rules, Dean over reacts and says it’s because Jess likes her that he messed with him. This leads to an even bigger argument between Rory and Lorelai when she accuses Rory of spending to much time with Jess. Rory and Jess have so much more in common than with Dean, and they are so sweet together.

7. “One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes” season 3, episode 4

Lorelai and Luke get ask to speak at Stars Hollow High career day. Things get a bit off track when the kids start asking about Lorelai being a teen mother. After the presentation some of the other mothers corner her and gives her hell about the topic of discussion. This episode also focuses on Lane, this happens to be my favourite Lane episode. She discovered her mother wants to send her to a religious conservative college, well she rebelled by dying her hair a bright purple. It looked amazing and seriously badass. In a moment of panic though she does it back to black. It’s such a fun episode.

6. The Bracebridge Dinner season 2, episode 10

This episode is centred around a winter themed event, haha see a pattern I love me a good festival. Sookie and Lorelai are palming a bracebridge dinner except they find out that the actors have been snowed in and are stuck in Chicago. Instead of cancelling because they already have all the food prepared, they invite the whole town to come and stay at the inn and participate in the dinner. Rory suggest they also invite Richard and Emily. Dean is visually upset when Jess arrives with Luke, believing that he can’t get away from the guy. Lorelai surprises the guest with a horse drawn sleigh ride. Which is perfect I love the sleigh rides, it’s so beautiful. When it comes to Rory’s turn Dean is with his little sister and Jess takes this opportunity to jump in the sleigh with Rory. I can’t get enough of Jess and Rory moments.

5.You Jump, I Jump, Jack season 5, episode 7

Originally I never liked Logan I thought he was spoiled and I am a Jess shipper so of course I was rooting for him. Upon my many re watches of the show Logan began to grow on me and I give this episode all the credit. Rory receives an envelope from the life and death brigade telling her to be blindfolded and ready to go. Logan and his friends pick her up and the venture off into the woods. I have to say this was a very pleasing aesthetic episode, Logan’s smile included! The next morning she is to put on a ball gown and head out to a field where there is a huge wall set up. On top of it are 4 people in tuxedos and umbrellas. Soon Logan and Rory join them as they jump from the top. This is such a powerful episode, where Rory relishes she needs to take more risks.

4. “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?”  Season 3, episode 7

Lorelai is determined to win the annual 24 dance marathon, she forces Rory into being her partner. During the whole even Rory and Jess can’t stop arguing with each other. Even Jess looking at Rory sets her off, a fact that is not lost on Dean. No longer being able to handle there obvious chemistry Dean breaks up with Rory right there on the dance floor. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it loudly for all of you that hasn’t heard that Dean is the absolute WORST! He could have taken Rory to have a private conversation but no he has to be a jerk and have everybody overhear them. At the end of the episode Rory and Jess finally admit to each other that they have romantic feelings for each other. This is one of those episodes where I love the crazy festival as the setting.

3. Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy season 2 Episode 5

I really love this episode, this is where we get to meet Jess, Luke’s troubles 17 year old nephew. Luke has agreed to take Jess in and off his sisters hands. Lorelai offers Luke some parenting advice and invited them over for supper, so Jess can meet Rory. Of course the dinner didn’t turn out as planned Jess is moody and quiet, Rory finds him in her room browsing her bookshelves. Jess complains about wanting to leave and grand a beer from the fridge. Later on Jess is accused of stealing money for the bridge repaid. When Luke confronts him words are exchanged and in the heat of the moment Luke pushes Jess in the lake. This is the scene I most think of when I think of this show.

2. A Deep- Fried Korean Thanksgiving -Season 3, Episode 9

When I think of Gilmore Girls it’s always the holidays and festivals that come to mind. In this episode Lorelai and Rory are to attend 4 thanksgiving dinners. Starting with the Kim’, where Lane has gotten her mother to hire Dave to provide the music, Luke’s where they have dinner with him and Jess. With Sookie, where Jackson and his family are deep frying a turkey out in the front yard. Finally they end the night at Emily and Richards, Tory announced that she has applied to Yale. This is such a classic episode, Kirk also gets a cat who ends up scratching him to pieces.

1.The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale season 4, episode 2

After a lot of re watching I have decided that this is my favourite episode. Rory is moving into her dorm room at Yale with Lorelei’s help. I really love this episode as it’s a transition from Rorys teen life into her adult life. It’s her first time living away from home and everything she’s comfortable with. One of her roommates turns out to be Paris per her request, Rory is unsure of how living together will pan out. I absolutely love it, there banter and friends everything! But the gem of the episode is the Yale mattress, Luke unwillingly agrees to let Lorelai use his truck to move Rory but what he didn’t expect was it to returned with an old mattress. The whole exchange is hilarious, I love it.

This list was insanely difficult to pick only ten episodes as I wanted to include so many more. I really hope you enjoyed this post as it took me so long to write and search for the episodes I wanted to include. Let me know in the comments are you Team Jess,Dean or Logan?

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What I’ve Been Watching Lately… 12/07/19

Schitts Creek

I’ve only just started watching this show, and I absolutely love it! This just might be the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t usually watch a lot of comedies but this one is really worth your time. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

This show follows the Rose’s, a wealthy, spoiled family that fall onto hard times and has everything they own repossessed. They are forced to move to a small town called Schitts Creek.

Eugene Levy plays with the father John, I’ve always thought he was hilarious and he continues to be in this show. He’s always coming up with ideas to try and get them back on top, that don’t always go to plan. This show features a pansexual main character: David Rose who is played by Eugene Levy’s real life son, Daniel Levy. Who is just as hilarious, he is my favorite character in the whole show. This show just makes me so happy!

Stranger Things – Season 3

I’m going to write a whole season review really soon, so I won’t say to much here. I just finished episode 3 and I’m really loving it so far. My favourites are still Steve,Duston and Nancy 💖

This update is a little short but I really haven’t been watching much. I’m on vacation starting Monday and I’m hoping to watch a few movies and finish stranger things. So be on the lookout for a season review soon. What are some movies and shows you’ve been loving?

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What I’ve Been Watching Lately

Hi Everyone! I haven’t really been with watching many movies this year. Going to the theater is one of my favorite activities but with a toddler at home it’s hard to get out. The same thing goes for digital releases, it’s so hard to pay attention to a movie. I wanted to share with you everything I’ve been watching lately.


A Star is Born

This movie was so incredibly beautiful and so so SAD. Lady Gaga is extremely talented, her voice is truly amazing. Bradley Cooper completely amazes me. He directed A Star is Born which was also the first movie that he directed. This movie deals with some hard hitting issues so make sure you check out the content warnings before watching, one of them being alcoholism.

Captain Marvel

This movie was amazing, and an excellent addition to the MCU. Bri Larson is fantastic, I love her with my whole heart and soul! Her acting is exceptional, she really brought the character to life. I loved this movie so much! I’m not going to go into to many details because I have a full review, I have linked it in the title.

Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald

This second installment was a little disappointing. I was hoping it would have been as good as the first one, but the magic was just not there. Of course I loved all the creatures and Newt. But the plot was lacking and I found myself bored at times, don’t get me wrong it was still a good movie but I didn’t love it.

The Perfect Date

This is Netflix newest Original movie, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This movie stars Noah Centineo, Laura Marano and Camilla Mendes. Noah plays Davis a senior in high school who desperately want to go to Yale, but doesn’t have the fiances. After he gets paid to take a girl (Laura Marano) to a dance at her school, he comes up with an app to go on other dates for pay. This movie was hilarious, I love Noah he’s great as always, he is the perfect cast for Rom-Coms. The real star of the movie though was Laura, she is fantastic and super cute!

TV Shows

Queer Eye Season 3

This show has become one of my all time favorites, I love the positive attitude the guys bring to every situation. I don’t think there has been an episode yet where I haven’t shed a few tears. I love Tan and JVN so much, they have such amazing personalities and I just feel really connected with them. My son Noah who is 12 also loves the show, his favorite being Antoni.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Season 2 was a lot darker than its first season, Sabrina is an amazing protagonist with a fierce feminist outlook. She stands up for her fellow witches and fights for opportunities offered to the warlocks. With the help of her friends she might fight the dark lord and the situations they get themselves into. This season had amazing representation, especially with Theo’s story line it was so well done. Also Nick Scratch is freaking amazing and I hope he and Sabrina are endgame!

I have also been watching the new episode’s of Jane the Virgin and absolutely loving them, this show has everything. As of last week Game of thrones has also started, at the end of the season I will have a post about every episode and how I feel about them and the season as a whole, but I’m so freaking excited.

Well that’s all for this post, let me know what movies/Tv Shows you have been loving.

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The Haunting of Hill House | Series Review

“A house is like a person’s body. The walls are like bones, the pipes are veins, it needs to breathe, it needs light and flow, and it all works together to keep us safe and healthy inside.”

The Haunting of Hill House has got to be one of the best horror shows out there. The acting, the story, the directing, the everything was just so good. I want to re watch it already!

The show follows the Crain family, five children and two parents, who move into Hill house with the intention of fixing it up and re-selling. The story jumps from the the present to the 90’s when they lived in the house. We see the story unfold through individual perspectives and flashbacks, which helps build the tension between the siblings.

The main mystery centers around the events of the night, Hugh (the father) takes the children from the house. There Mother Olivia was said to have committed suicide but there is something much more sinister to what really happened. Each episode tells the story of one of the children, as we try to piece together what happened to them during there time at Hill House. You go into the show expecting a ghost story but it is so much more than that. We see how the lives of these children are changed based off individual trauma and how the death of there mother effect them.

“Silence lay steadily against the wood and stone of Hill House, and whatever walked there, walked alone.”

If you’re a fan of ‘slow horror’ that doesn’t depend on jump scares you should watch this series! I’ve read some review saying the first few episodes are slow but that wasn’t the case for me. I loved the first four episodes. The cinematography is brilliant, the way some of the scenes were shot were just amazing!

The casting was so well done, all the women looked so much like the mother. Also the children were amazing, they did such a good job! My favorite characters were Nell (the twist in her episode was so good!) and Theo, her character was really interesting and the child actor they had for her was so good.

“I’ve lived with ghosts since I was a kid. Since before I knew they were even there. Ghosts are guilt, ghosts are secrets, ghosts are regrets and failings. But most times, a ghost is a wish.”

I absolutely LOVED the show! Horror has always been one of my favorite genres, and this show is so much more than your average horror show. Seriously seriously recommend it!

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Netflix Shows to Binge Watch // Spring 2018

Today I’m here to bring you a post about my top 10 Netflix shows that I’ve been binge watching.Being home with a new baby leaves little time to read, so I’ve been watching a lot of TV. It’s easy to throw on Netflix while feeding Emmy or cleaning up. If I don’t mention your favorite show make sure to leave me a comment as I’m always in search of new shows to try. I’ve narrowed this list down to only 10 because I have tons and I don’t want this post to be huge. These are in no particular order.

1.Jane the Virgin

Jane is a young latinix writer,working as a waitress in a hotel. Her life drastically changes when she goes to the doctor a virgin and accidentally gets artificiality inseminated with her boss’ sperm. I was not expecting to love this show as much as I do. This show is hilarious, the jokes will have you laughing out loud. The dialogue is so fun and the character’s are great.


2.Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is an older favorite of mine, I started watching it while still in high school although I never saw the final season until now. The show follows a group of privileged New York teens. This show is not meant to be taken seriously, Serena is the stereotypical blond party girl, Blair is a queen of the school, Nate the pretty boy, Chuck is a womanizing party boy and Dan the outsider. The actors/actresses are gorgeous and the setting is glamorous. I love this show so much, I will forever ship Blair/Chuck!!



I’ve watched this show for 13 years now, its a drama that follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. They hunt supernatural creatures, the show takes a turn in season 4 and starts to include biblical character’s. Dean will forever be one of my favorite character’s. If you’re new to this show then you’re in for one crazy wild ride.This show has everything; love,friendship,family. But it’s the character’s that will keep you coming back.



This is probably my favorite show, it has it’s problems but I still love it. This show follows the Gallagher family, Frank is an absent alcoholic father played by William H Macy. Fiona(Emmy Rossum) is the eldest daughter of six children, she holds the family together while dealing with crazy situations that her family goes through. The casting is terrific, I love these character’s so much. Some have left the show and it has gone slightly down hill but I still love this show so much!


5.The Office

This show is pretty new to me, I first watched it 2 years ago. I’m usually not a huge fan of comedy shows, but this one is perfect. It’s filmed as if it were a documentary, about a paper company and it’s employees. Steve carrel plays Micheal Scott the manager of the company, and he’s brilliant!! The character’s are all well developed and funny in their own way. Jim/Pam’s relationship is adorable, and there pranks on Dwight is the highlight of the show. This show is perfect for a self care binge watch.


6.Jessica Jones

It’s been 2 years since I watched season 1, I’m currently in the middle of a re-watch as season 2 was released last week. This show is incredible ! Jessica is a kick-ass PI with super strength, after going through some major trauma’s she tries to rebuild her life while suffering from PTSD. Killgrave (David Tennant) is one of the best villain’s ever. He is a sociopath with the ability to control minds. This show is just so good !


7.Gilmore Girls

What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include Gilmore Girls. I come back to this show every fall,it’s my comfort show. Gilmore Girls is my favorite TV show of all times. The story follows a mother/daughter relationship, in a small town in Connecticut. I love the witty dialog, and the complex relationships of the character’s. I could write pages and pages about these character’s and why I love them so much, but I wont do that right now.You won’t regret watching this show, you will laugh and cry, its just so good.



A Canadian show about Amy Fleming, a teenage girl who has a special gift for understanding and treating troubled horses. This is a heartwarming, family centered show. I love the characters and love the horses. The setting is in Alberta and it’s a beautiful backdrop for the show.Once you see a few episode’s it will pull you in to keep wanting more.I strongly recommend this show.


9. Outlander

Claire Randall,a combat nurse from 1945 who is transported back in time to 1743 Scotland. I had never read the book’s before watching the show, as of now I’ve read half of book one. The show follows the book pretty closely. I loved their choice of actors to take on the roles of Jamie and Claire,there perfect. The costumes and scenery are gorgeous. The show has the right amount of action to romance.


10. This is Us

The lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three children – Kevin, Kate and Randall – are followed at different points in time. The Rebecca and Jack stories generally take place during the early stage of their marriage. Separate stories for Kevin, Kate and Randall are followed in their adult years. I was hooked right from the first episode.I LOVED IT ! It was wonderfully written,the acting is excellent. This show will continue to break your heart, but you will keep coming back.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve watched any of these shows and what you thought!

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What I’ve been doing while not Blogging

Hey everyone! I’m so sorry I have been gone for so long! Nursing school is kicking my butt.  I was unsuccessful in one of my classes, and its a prerequisite to continue. SoI won’t be returning to school until winter of 2019 when the class is offered again.It’s been a really tough time for me. Trying to figure out what I’m going to do. My anxiety has been really bad these past few months, and the class I failed were video taped while doing demo’s. I made such stupid mistakes because of my anxiety. There have been day’s I felt like giving up, I am finishing the term which in done in April, then its job hunting time.

So coming up in the next few few week’s I will be returning !! I have read 12 book’s so far this year. I am so excited to be coming back. Reading and blogging help my anxiety but with school I had zero time. I have missed you all and reading your reviews.

Tv has saved me since I have no time to read. Some new shows I’m currently watching: Supergirl ❤ !! ,This is Us,Riverdale. That’s not to mention the shows that are staples in my life.Also I have been trying to get back into writing poetry. I used to write all the time then, life happened and I got busy with work then school. Gretchen @chicnerdreads  has inspired me with her poetry book “Love , and you “coming out April 4 🙂 Im so excited for her !! She’s such an awesome person and so nice. Please support her ❤

What has everyone been reading? Leave me some comments 🙂 I’m counting the days till April 10 !


Personal Update

orange-is-the-new-blackHey guys !! Sorry I haven’t posted much this week, I was overwhelmed with Orange is the New Black  season 4 and I just had to watch it all before the internet spoiled it. This season it hurt my soul. So many feels I can’t handle them. I seriously cried, it was too much. I love that it gave Maritza a back story ❤  I’ve also been watching Scandal, about halfway through season 4. Did anyone of you watch Game of thrones this week? OMG!! ❤ Sansa ❤

As for reading I’m listening to Brain on fire on audiobook and have 25% left I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow. I also picked up The Young Elites, and only 50 pages in.  My son will be done school on Friday, finishing grade 4 🙂

Hopefully get more reading done this week.Been working on a few reviews and hoping to get them posted on here soon. Let me know what you’ve all been up to? Or if you wanna chat about the book or tv shows 🙂