Emmy’s 18 Month Toddler Update

Emmy turned 18 months old on June 24th, I waited until today because she was having the toddler assessment done and I wanted to be able to mention her weight and how’s she’s doing. I cannot believe I’m sitting here writing that she is one and a half years old.

Emmy now weighs 26 pounds, and is in the 97 percentile for her age. She’s a big girl, she’s always been in that percentile range. She’s wearing size 2T and a few items are 3T, and she is wearing size 5 diapers.

As far as physical development Emmy can now climb up the stairs, climb up and off the couch as well as being able to get off the bed. She is such a little monkey she loves to climb all over everyone and everything. She tries to clim out of the crib/playpen, if you turn around for ever a second she has her leg lifted trying to get out. She is so strong, she can lift and carry things you’d never image her being able to pick up.

As far as communication goes, she is still not talking. However she has other ways of showing us what she wants. She will point at things or walk towards them. She also has partial words or sounds that she makes that mean something. She is able to understand simple commands, if I ask her to go get her shoes, generally she will go pick them up. The nurse at her assessment was concerned that she’s not speaking and referred us to a speech therapist.

For social and emotional development, she has come a long way from being scared of new people. She is still shy, and cautious around people she’s not generally around often or strangers but that’s totally fine. She no longer screams when someone comes near her. She’s been spending time with both sets of grandparents and I think that’s really helped. I want to get her involved in some sort of activity with other kids hr own age, thinking about starting swimming lessons in the fall.

She is a very strong willed child, she knows what she wants and she will go take it. The word No, is a trigger word for her , she will cry or scream. The new thing she’s doing now if am we tell her she can’t have something is to fall to the ground and lay there, or her body goes so stiff it’s difficult to pick her up. She is starting to recognize emotions, if we laugh Emmy will come over and laugh with us, it’s the cutest thing.

I’m sure ever parent thinks there kid is s smart chic but honestly Emmy is so curious about the world and lives to learn. She will pick something up and examine it, trying to figure out what it is. We went to the splash park the other day, before going in the water she needed to look at it and touch the water first. She’s so cute! She laughs at everything and tries to make others laugh.

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5 thoughts on “Emmy’s 18 Month Toddler Update

  1. Omg she has the most beautiful red hair! I’ve always loved natural red hair. My toddler didn’t really start talking fully until recently and she’s almost 2 1/2. I was worried for a while, but it’s almost like I woke up one day and suddenly she had sentences and a vocabulary I didn’t even know she knew! She seems right on track and just oh so adorable!!

    Love the update!


  2. She is beautiful. Amazing colour hair. My daughter didn’t start speaking properly till she was 2. She is 5 now and never shuts up lol. Xx


  3. Her red hair is just to die for! A strong-willed red head is going to keep you on your toes for years to come, that’s for sure hahaha


  4. Your daughter is beautiful!! She will talk in no time and then you will say why was I waiting for her to speak…I am saying that now with 3


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