Emmy 10 Month Old Update

Emmy is 10 months old! This past month has just flown by. I cannot believe she is going to be a year in 2 more months. Where is my little baby going. I started planning some things for the rest of the year. Bought her cake smash outfit 😍and some Christmas photo props.


She is 20 pounds, 28 inches long, wearing 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She wears 12 month sleepers, the 18 month sleepers she gets her feet tangled in the legs.

This girl loves to eat! Recently she’s started refusing the baby food. So we’ve been giving her solid food as that’s what makes her happy. She had a thanksgiving meal and even a tiny bite of pumpkin pie. Anything she can pick up and eat on her own is her favourite but she still loves her oatmeal in the morning.

As I’ve said in other updates, I’m going back to work. I was originally going back in November but a day shift opened up and I will be going back October 29! Emmy no longer needs to attend daycare, which had been a huge game changer. I feel so much better, not worrying about how she will adapt. As she is still co-sleeping,and nursing. Pumping is still an issue so I’ve had to buy some formula for the days that I’m away from her.

Milestones : She has become so much more vocal this month. Always chatting away. It’s so cute! When she gets so excited and words don’t come out she lets out a happy scream. We’ve caught her standing on her own a few times. She gets so proud of herself when she masters a new skill. She will walk holding onto objects, now that she’s standing I bet she takes some steps in her own soon. Emmy has a fourth tooth coming in, the first one on top.

I am in love with her Halloween pictures! She is just the cutest.

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