Emmy 16 Month Old Toddler Update

Emmy is 16 months old today!

Time is just flying, where did the last month go. I swear it feels like she just turned 15 months old. She is growing so much, and I wish I could pause time and keep her little forever. Not exactly sure how much she weighs right now because she doesn’t see the doctor again until she’s 18 months old. She is currently wearing 24 months/2T clothes, Size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes. Emmy now has 12 teeth, including 4 molars.

She is such a busy girl, walking running and recently she’s started to try climbing. She’ll lift her leg and put it in the couch of coffee table. Always seems to be in the move, She is such an independent little girl. If we turn our backs she will wander off down the hall into other rooms and start playing. We always have to keep an eye on her, she will pulls books off the shelves and take remotes or phones. I seriously can’t wait for the summer so we can go outside and she can explore.

Emmy does really well with eating, she eats pretty much everything we give her. She does have some fussy days where she only wants to eat crackers and bread. But most days she eats her meals. She loves bananas, oranges, pineapple, potatoes, carrots, spaghetti, toast with peanut butter, holy does this girl love her peanut butter! She also drinks a lot of milk, she will go through a 2L bottle in 2-3days.

Recently there has been a lot of tantrums, she is very strong willed. She k ones what she wants and when she wants it, if she doesn’t she gets very angry. She seriously hates the word “no” she will cry and stomp her feet. She gets very intense emotions.

She is saying a few words but not many, but she is still able to communicate what she wants by pointing and showing us. Even though she’s not talking she is very expensive, she will laugh or cry, she has a ton of facial expressions.

This pretty much wraps up Emmy’s 16 month update.

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Emmy 13 Month Update

I wasn’t planning on making monthly updates after she turned a year but I really missed writing them so I’m bringing them back !

This little girl is wild. Now that she can walk, she is running up and down the halls. Going into drawers and pulling everything out of them. She’s so curious and loves to see new things. She has such a huge sense of wonder, I hope she never loses that.

She had her one year doctors appointment and Emmy weighs 21 pounds and is 31 inches. The nurse kept on saying how tall she is. She is getting two new teeth on the top, on the right and left side in the back

She is starting to mimic people, the other day she grabbed a tissue and started rubbing it on the table as if she was washing it. Oh my god! It was the cutest thing ever! Then minutes later she ran into the kitchen, picked up the cats bowl and set it in front of him. She wants to be doing what we are doing.

Emmy still hasn’t said any words, the doctor told us not to worry about it. She suggested that we talk to Emmy and explain what we’re doing, pointing out objects.

She is so full of life, I can’t wait to see her explore. Lately she will smile at laugh at everything. I will look at her and she starts to laugh, or the cat walks by. Speaking of the cats Emmy is learning to be gentle instead of slapping the cats she now lays down her head on there back.

She does has a temper, when she’s told no Emmy starts to cry and scream. She won’t stop until she is distracted by something else. Most days now she is skipping her afternoon nap, those days she falls asleep earlier at bedtime.

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Blogmas Day 24: Emmy’s First Birthday

My baby girl is one! This year has gone so fast. I know I say this each month but it’s true! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already. I’m so emotional right now writing this post. Last year I woke up at 4am at 41 weeks pregnant with contractions, she was a week late but she was finally born at 7:11am in Christmas Eve.

I am so lucky to have you as a daughter, even though there has been some rough times, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wish I could keep her little forever, but she’s grown so much in this past year.

She is now 22 pounds, not sure on her length as she was weighed when she got her flu shot and not a check up. Her hair is starting to get longer, little pieces are now in her face. She is still wearing 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

Miss Emmy Has learned to walk this month!! She took her first steps all on her own, and since then she’s been walking so much more. It’s so cute seeing her walk around the room. She’s a little wobbly but is doing a great job!

She can now wave “Hi” and “Bye”, clap her hands. She is doing it all the time, she will even wave at the cats, haha she’s so funny. Shereally likes to share. She will bring us toys or anything else she finds. She has such a kind heart. She is also stubborn and adventurous, fierce and so smart. I can’t wait to see her continue to grow as a person.

I searched for months in advance for the perfect accessories for Emmy’s Cake Smash. I spend hours dreaming and planning of what her outfit would look like. In October I went to a consignment sale and I found the perfect outfit, made locally by Monkey Bum Designs. The dark purple fit my vision perfectly! I did the photo shoot myself as I couldn’t afford a professional photographer.

The majority of our decor was from Dollarama, I used a white vinyl table cloth for the background and a pink vinyl table cloth for the floor. Both banners were from AliExpress. Her cake was made by a family friend, who is raising money for a charity by making baked goods. Everything came together so beautifully!

She was so gentle with her cake, just licking the frosting off her fingers. We had to show her she could dive right in and make a mess. I think she was so gentle with it because she has been eating solids for a few months now. Some of her favourite foods are pasta, Cheerios,apples, peas, bread, oatmeal and yogurt.

She is starting to wean herself from breastfeeding, I’m not ready for her to stop. But she’s not interested in feeding unless it’s bedtime. She does take a bottle of formula on the days that I work. And we have recently given her a little cows milk to try and she likes it enough to drink it sometimes. I will continue to offer to nurse her for as long as she likes, she will let me know when she is done.

Emmy is not talking yet. She will babble and baby talk but no real words yet. She tried very hard to say Kitty haha we can tell that’s what she’s saying but other people not not. She has a ton of books and we’re going to try and read to her more. I looked up studies about baby language and everyone of them says to read to the baby.

Happy First Birthday Emilia!!

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Emmy 10 Month Old Update

Emmy is 10 months old! This past month has just flown by. I cannot believe she is going to be a year in 2 more months. Where is my little baby going. I started planning some things for the rest of the year. Bought her cake smash outfit 😍and some Christmas photo props.


She is 20 pounds, 28 inches long, wearing 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She wears 12 month sleepers, the 18 month sleepers she gets her feet tangled in the legs.

This girl loves to eat! Recently she’s started refusing the baby food. So we’ve been giving her solid food as that’s what makes her happy. She had a thanksgiving meal and even a tiny bite of pumpkin pie. Anything she can pick up and eat on her own is her favourite but she still loves her oatmeal in the morning.

As I’ve said in other updates, I’m going back to work. I was originally going back in November but a day shift opened up and I will be going back October 29! Emmy no longer needs to attend daycare, which had been a huge game changer. I feel so much better, not worrying about how she will adapt. As she is still co-sleeping,and nursing. Pumping is still an issue so I’ve had to buy some formula for the days that I’m away from her.

Milestones : She has become so much more vocal this month. Always chatting away. It’s so cute! When she gets so excited and words don’t come out she lets out a happy scream. We’ve caught her standing on her own a few times. She gets so proud of herself when she masters a new skill. She will walk holding onto objects, now that she’s standing I bet she takes some steps in her own soon. Emmy has a fourth tooth coming in, the first one on top.

I am in love with her Halloween pictures! She is just the cutest.

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Emmy’s 8 Month Old Baby Update


8 months old !! Where is my baby going , she’s hit some milestones this month and is learning so much ! Emmy like last month is still wearing size 3 diapers. She is also still wearing size 12-18 clothes. The pants are long on her but not as tight on her belly. She has really thinned out, I don’t know when this happened ! All her baby chub is gone off her belly and her face. She looks so much older now.

Something new she has been doing this month, when she gets really excited she snorts. Oh my God it is so cute!

When I tell her no, she will look back at me and reach for the object again and I have to take it away. Does she ever get mad, she will cry and yell until I give her a toy or something else to play with. She can be stubborn or determined haha depends on how you look at it.

She really enjoys being able to feed herself, we’ve given her avocado on toast,cut up steamed veggies, and these organic banana teething cookies. Lately with the purees, she shuts her mouth and turns her head away. So we’ve been trying to get her to self feed as much as possible.

The last few weeks she has been super snugly. She will lay her head down against my shoulder or my chest.  It’s honestly the sweetest thing.

She is crawling everywhere. She chases the cat’s down the halls, she doesn’t know how to be gentle with them. So they see her coming and they flee. She waved twice, a few days ago. She is able to pull herself up, she holds onto the coffee table and pulls herself up to standing. She hold onto other objects too the couch, and people’s legs. She is such a strong baby.

She still has no teeth and no words either. She is stringing together a lot of different babbles, its really cute.I have started trying to pump so I can have a small stash to go back to work. I’m only getting about 2-4 oz a day, which isn’t very much but she does breastfeed full time.

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Emmy’s 7 Month Baby Update

7 Month Baby Update

I cant believe it Emmy is 7 months old. Here’s what’s going on with her this month when it comes to growth, feeding, sleeping, milestones, development and breastfeeding.

She went to the doctor this month for her 6 month check up, she is 19.4 lbs and 27.9 inches long. She is now in the 90 percentile she used to be at 97. She is wearing size 12 month clothes and some 18 months, pants in 18’s are to long but shirts are fine just a little roomy. She is still wearing size 3 diapers. Also had her 6 month immunizations, she got a fever this times and was in an off mood for a week or two. Grumpier than normal, not wanting to eat her solid foods and wanting to be carried everywhere.

She discovered that she can roll around a lot to get to places she wants to go. Emmy sat up by herself this month! She was playing on her tummy, pulled herself up on her hands and knees, and sat down. She is so close to crawling, I bet she will  any day now. She will rock and roll on her tummy, scoot around with her hands and feet. In the last few days shes started to get up onto her knees but is unsure how to move them forward.

Breastfeeding is going really well, but if shes distracted she wont suck or she rolls away. She’s tried so many different foods this month.Including: Pumpkin,Strawberries,blueberries, Yogurt, Broccoli, Spinach,Prunes,Mango and Turkey.  She is more efficient though it doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to take her to nurse. In August I’m going to start pumping in the morning to build up a freezer stash for when I return to work in November.

She loves to grab faces, especially noses and mouths. Shes not gentle so it can hurt,but she’s so happy doing it. She is getting so good at putting her soother back into her mouth.She loves bath time ,going for walks, drives in the car and rolling/crawling around on the floor. Some of her favorite toys are a little puppy that jingles, and some teethers. She is so funny she will put a toy in her mouth then push up on her hands and knees.

She dislikes putting on a shirt, when we get her dressed and pull the shirt over her head she gets so mad. She hates her crib, we tried sleep training at the beginning of July but it wasn’t the right time. It was just after her immunizations and getting the fever. It breaks my heart to hear her cry and see her little face get so red. We will try again in a few weeks.

That’s all for this months update!

Goodreads: Stephanie Gillespie

Emmy 6 month Baby Update

She has grown up so much this month, I feel like I say this every month but it’s so true. They grow and learn so much every month.

She just started wearing size 3 diapers,the size 2 were getting a little snug around her legs. She is still wearing size 12 clothes, I packed away all her smaller sizes,so now her drawers only have the clothes that fit. She’s drooling like crazy but still no teeth.

Foods she has tried:Rice cereal,Oatmeal,Sweet Potato,Banana,Carrots,Pears,Green Beans,Apples,Chicken and Butternut Squash. She absolutely hated the green beans and her favorite is the sweet potato and oatmeal.

She has mastered rolling over from back to belly and belly to back.When shes on her belly she can wiggle around to get a toy that is out of reach, she pushes off the floor with her toes. The other day I put her down and went to the washroom when I came back out she was in the hallway.She will army crawl in a circle and pushes
herself backwards, Its only a matter of time before she learns how to get up onto her knees.

She has gotten way to big for her baby bath tub, and she no longer enjoys being in it. She tries to sit up and then will cry. So she is now in the big tub with a bathring.
She loves the water and being able to splash, its so cute. She also went outside in her baby pool at the beginning of the month with Noah, she loves being in the water .

She is still sleeping in the bed with us. When its bedtime she will not settle for anyone else but me,I love that but it’s going to be difficult when I go back to work. She is still being breastfed, she refuses to take a bottle, but she will drink a little water out of a sippy cup.

Emmy 5 Month Old Baby Update

Emmy 5 Month Baby Update

I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, I can’t believe it,she’s 5 months old already.This past month has been such a fun month. At her 4 month docotor’s
appointment she weighed 18.6 pounds .She is in the 97 percentile. She fits into 9 month clothing and Ive been putting her in some 12 month things here and there, it’s a little big but it seems less tight against her belly. She rolled over just before turning 4 month’s, she’s done it a few times since then but not that much. It seems like shes not sure how she did it, she gets up onto her side and she rocks back onto her belly.So I’ve been helping her rock side to side so she can get in some practice with the movements.

She got an exersaucer a few weeks ago and she loves it! We have to put a towel behind her back to give her some extra support. Its so funny watching her play with all
the different toys. Her hands eye coordination has become so much better, if she sees something she reaches out and grabs it.She is also very vocal, she will squeal
and yell. She is such a funny girl, I love seeing her smile.

She’s been going through a stormy period, some afternoons she can’t seem to settle herslef to be able to nap. I think she is teething,she has a runny nose and the last
few days her checks has been really red. She has been sleeping a lot this past week so hopefully the tooth breaks through soon.

I have found a daycare and paid the deposit, which is really nice. One less thing to stress about. It wasn’t my first choice but it is the one that has a spot available for November.

Lately when my mom or other people who she dosent see regularly she now cries and shyes away. I found a baby playgroup at the library where there is story time
and music. I was nervous to bring her because I wasn’t sure how she would react to new people and babies, but she did really well. She was the youngest baby in the group, she loved the music. The leader of the group blew some bubbles and Emmy was so amazed!

Also the doctor said we can start solids in a few week’s, and I’m making my own baby food. I started to make some of the starter foods this week: Sweet potato,
butternut squash,green beans,bananas,apples and pears. Its so much fun I can’t wait until shes ready to start trying these foods, I picked up some cereals from
the grocery store.

My Breastfeeding Journey so far

I am a second-time mom and with my oldest, I did breastfeed him but that was 11 years ago. From what I could remember it was pretty easy.I didn’t remember all the early days of feeding but my milk had come in before I even left the hospital with him and everything was going great.Fast forward to baby number 2, Emilia, I knew I wanted to breastfeed her. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding and a lower cost then bottle feeding. I was able to have contact as soon as she was born which was an amazing experience. The first time I tried feeding her she latched on immediately and I thought
see this is as easy as I remember. Afterwards we were moved into our room,with Noah I was lucky enough to not have to room with someone else. This time I was also really lucky, no roommate. Emilia spent most of her stay in the hospital sleeping, which is completely normal for a newborn baby.

Emila was born on Christmas Eve and a lot of the hospital staff were off for the holidays. The lactation specialist was one of those people. There were a few times that Emilia latched on and there was a pinch, I didn’t think much of it but I asked a nurse if she could come in and see what I was doing wrong. She said she couldn’t see any problems but maybe prop a pillow underneath her.

A few days later, I was so sore, nipples were cracked and dry. I had to go back to the hospital for my discharge appointment, because the discharge nurse was also away on holidays during our stay. The baby had lost some weight, the nurse wasn’t to concerned as it was less than 10% but she made me an appointment to come back in a few days. She also sent me over to the breastfeeding clinic, where I got to see a nurse who watched me feed her. She was amazing!! She showed me better ways to position Emilia so she could get a better latch. That night my milk came in.

At the end of the week I had my follow up appointment at the breastfeeding clinic. Emilia had gained some weight back !! It felt great, I was getting the hang of this feeding thing. The nurse again watched me feed,because now Emilia preferred the right side to the left side. Turned out I need to use different positioning for each side for Emilia to get a proper latch.

A few days later, the cracks healed and she was now latching on, . We did it !! We figured out a way to work together and got it done. It’s amazing everything our bodies go through and everything we can accomplish.At her 2 week check up she had gained the weight back and she was back up to her birth weight. YAY!!! My goal is to breastfeed I go back to work at 11 months,but I am planning on pumping while working. I want to give this little girl all the benefits breast milk can give her.

So if your having a hard time in the first week, don’t give up seek help, there are a lot of resources out there for breastfeeding mamma’s.

3 Month Old Baby Emmy Update

Baby Emmy is 3 months old and is officially moving out of the newborn stages.

This girl is a very big baby, at the last doctor’s appointment she weighed 15 pounds and was 27 inches long.She is a super long girl. She’s now wearing size 2 diapers, can fit into 3-6 clothes and size 6 clothes, some of the pants are to long but they are less tight on her belly. She is growing so fast,and getting so big. She’s getting so strong, being able to hold her head up.

She’s interacting with us more, smiling and cooing when we talk to her.It’s so much fun. When we talk to her she coos back at us.It’s so cute Noah will make faces at her and she will have the biggest smile on her face. She loves her brother so much. In the last 2 weeks she’s become interested in a few of her toys,mostly the Sophie the giraffe teether and this kitty crinkle paper. She loves her playmat,it has this little dog toy and she will reach up and try to grab it.She will kick and smile. She’s nearly laughing,she has a little ha! she dose when she’s excited.

She is such an amazing sleeper, I usually will nurse her at 10pm in our bed and she will fall asleep and most nights she will sleep until 4-5am. She will nurse again and then sleeps until 8am. which is really awesome, this is considered to be sleeping through the night. For naps, the first one is usually around 11am and she will sleep until 2 or 3, she will sleep in the wrap as I do the dishes from the night before. She will only fall asleep in the wrap if I’m moving around. Her second nap she takes between 4-5 and she sleep until bath time at 7pm.

She loves being carried in the stretchy wrap.
She wants to chew on anything thats close to her mouth and she’s starting to drool alot.
Loves to kick and swing her arms.
Bathtime, she will kick and spalsh water all over the place.

Tummy-time, is still her most hated thing.

This is a new series I’m planning on posting every month,mainly for myself so I can see Emmy as she grows each month.

Goodreads: Stephanie Gillespie