From Twinkle, with Love by Sandhya Menon // Review

36373464Title: From Twinkle, with Love
Author: Sandhya Menon
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 336
Rating: 5 Stars


Aspiring filmmaker and wallflower Twinkle Mehra has stories she wants to tell and universes she wants to explore, if only the world would listen. So when fellow film
geek Sahil Roy approaches her to direct a movie for the upcoming Summer Festival, Twinkle is all over it. The chance to publicly showcase her voice as a director?
Dream come true. The fact that it gets her closer to her longtime crush, Neil Roy—a.k.a. Sahil’s twin brother? Dream come true x 2.

When mystery man “N” begins emailing her, Twinkle is sure it’s Neil, finally ready to begin their happily-ever-after. The only slightly inconvenient problem is
that, in the course of movie-making, she’s fallen madly in love with the irresistibly adorkable Sahil.

Twinkle soon realizes that resistance is futile: The romance she’s got is not the one she’s scripted. But will it be enough?

Told through the letters Twinkle writes to her favorite female filmmakers, From Twinkle, with Love navigates big truths about friendship, family, and the unexpected
places love can find you.


First off, thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me an e-ARC of this book. I was ecstatic when I received the email saying I was approved to review this book.

This was such an amazing book. I can’t believe it but I loved this one even more than Dimple! I loved Twinkle from the moment I read the first few sentences.
This book is so adorable and funny it will have you laughing one minute and have tears running down your face the next! This book is just jammed packed with diversity. We’ve got biracial characters,a bi character, a gay character.

The book follows Twinkle, a sixteen-year-old Indian-American girl who inspires to be a filmmaker. Who happens to be a wallflower,while her best friend Maddie has joined the popular crowd. Twinkle believes that if she dates Neil, the school’s it boy then she too will enter the popular group. Neil’s twin brother Sahil approaches Twinkle with the chance to work with him and direct a movie for the school’s upcoming film festival she jumps on board. The movie references were some of my favorite parts I love how Twinkle writes in her journal to her favorite female directors.

I loved Twinkle as a character so much, she is dorky ,funny, impulsive and an overall really realistic character.I identified with her so much,her love of films,her relationship with Maddie, how she felt left out. She struggles a lot in this book, with family and trying to figure out who she is vs who she wants to be. Dadi is one of the sweetest character’s ever, she is quirky and free spirited. Her love for Twinkle just warms my heart.

The romance is adorable and fluffy. Sahil is so swoon-worthy I just loved him so much !!! He is sweet and understanding. He has a blog where we go to see his thoughts as well which I really enjoyed. I liked how the romance developed over time, it wasn’t just thrown in your face from the beginning. We got to see Twinkles feelings grow and deepen throughout the novel.

Overall, I loved everything about this book. From Twinkle, With Love is set to be released on June 5, 2018.

Goodreads: Stephanie Gillespie

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