Reading Slumps and Life Update

Hey friends! I just wanted to hop on here today and say hello. I was doing so well with posting at the beginning of October then I started reading a book I wasn’t feeling. Now I believe I am again in a reading slump. They have been hitting me really hard this year, maybe it’s that my reading taste have changed and I’m not ready to admit that to myself. This year I’ve found myself gravitating more towards romance books when I am primarily a fantasy reader, however looking back I’ve barely read any fantasy books this year, and that makes me so sad.

Another reason for my book slump, since August I’ve been really getting into k-pop specifically BTS. I’ve fallen in so deep with this band, it’s honestly all I can think about. I’ve been really liking them since I started listening to them but I fell in love with them when I watched the Saudi Arabia concert. Man can these boys perform! Seriously this concert was mind glowingly good, Hobi and Jungkook were really coming for me. Of course the others were fantastic too. I really want to write a whole post about my love for them soon.

I’m really bummed out that I wasn’t able to get to the Apple orchard but work schedules kinda messed that up. Fall is my favorite time of year and this year it seems to be falling a little flat. I haven’t really done anything that I normally like to do. However,next weekend I want to carve pumpkins, and I’m taking the kids to a Halloween themed fundraiser and then to the zoo, so I’m hoping that will be a good weekend. Maybe I’ll throw in some horror movies.

My son turned 13 years old on the 18, and it blows my mind how much he’s grown. He’s almost taller than me, not that I’m that tall anyways but still. I’ve also been having a difficult time with him and his behaviour the past few months and I’m not sure how to improve that. I knew moody teenage years were coming but I wasn’t expecting it to hot so hard.

Back to reading, I’ve only read 4 books this month and I might be able to finish the two I’m currently reading but I can’t see it being more than that. Which bums me out because I had a 12 book tbr. I’m trying not to be to hard on myself there’s still two more months left of the year. I have a bunch of Christmas/holidays books I’ve been saving so maybe I’ll start some of those in November.

How do you deal with reading slumps ?

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3 Month Old Baby Emmy Update

Baby Emmy is 3 months old and is officially moving out of the newborn stages.

This girl is a very big baby, at the last doctor’s appointment she weighed 15 pounds and was 27 inches long.She is a super long girl. She’s now wearing size 2 diapers, can fit into 3-6 clothes and size 6 clothes, some of the pants are to long but they are less tight on her belly. She is growing so fast,and getting so big. She’s getting so strong, being able to hold her head up.

She’s interacting with us more, smiling and cooing when we talk to her.It’s so much fun. When we talk to her she coos back at us.It’s so cute Noah will make faces at her and she will have the biggest smile on her face. She loves her brother so much. In the last 2 weeks she’s become interested in a few of her toys,mostly the Sophie the giraffe teether and this kitty crinkle paper. She loves her playmat,it has this little dog toy and she will reach up and try to grab it.She will kick and smile. She’s nearly laughing,she has a little ha! she dose when she’s excited.

She is such an amazing sleeper, I usually will nurse her at 10pm in our bed and she will fall asleep and most nights she will sleep until 4-5am. She will nurse again and then sleeps until 8am. which is really awesome, this is considered to be sleeping through the night. For naps, the first one is usually around 11am and she will sleep until 2 or 3, she will sleep in the wrap as I do the dishes from the night before. She will only fall asleep in the wrap if I’m moving around. Her second nap she takes between 4-5 and she sleep until bath time at 7pm.

She loves being carried in the stretchy wrap.
She wants to chew on anything thats close to her mouth and she’s starting to drool alot.
Loves to kick and swing her arms.
Bathtime, she will kick and spalsh water all over the place.

Tummy-time, is still her most hated thing.

This is a new series I’m planning on posting every month,mainly for myself so I can see Emmy as she grows each month.

Goodreads:ย Stephanie Gillespie

Life Update /// January 2018

Happy New Year !!! I’m a little late with this post but if you follow me on Instagram you know that I had the baby on Christmas Eve ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a pretty easy labor, went to the hospital at 430 am and she was born at 7:11am. Overall it was all really fast and hectic, she is a beautiful little girl.

So I’d like to introduce you all to Emilia “Emmy”. She weighed 9 lbs 2 oz, 22 inches in length. Red hair and blue eyes.

I am adjusting to life as a new mom again, it’s been 11 years since my son was a baby. So I’m a little rusty on some things. Because she was born over the holidays it’s been a pretty busy time, but things are settling down as we get into a routine. At first breastfeeding was difficult, she wasn’t latching properly so I had to visit the breastfeeding clinic and I’m happy to say she is now feeding really well. I’m very lucky that she is sleeping so well, she will sleep 3-4 hours at a time, as long as she sleeping on me or near me.

I’m not sure how often I will be posting, as I’m not sure how much time I will have for reading. I have read 1 book already, I’m hoping I can read 2-3 books a month, sometimes more as I have a few audio-books.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. let me know what your first read of the year is ๐Ÿ™‚


Goodreads:ย Stephanie Gillespie

Life update and Autumn Would you Rather .

tumblr_ovayonj19R1uow63xo1_500.jpgHappy Canadian Thanksgiving !!!There has been a lot of changes in my life this year, some hard and some good. Quitting school was the right decision it has eased my anxiety so much and I am torn weather to re-enrolling in the future. Finding out I was pregnant was scary but with my Family’s support it has been a good experience, with only 10 weeks left until baby Emilia is here โค I am thankful for my family, my cats and my friend. I have my windows open, itโ€™s raining and the autumn breeze is drifting inside, so I decided to do this Autumn would you rather I found on Tumblr.

Autumn Would you Rather:

1. Go apple picking V.S. Going on a hay ride

2. Scary V.S. Sweet

3 Sweaters V.S. Boots

4. Socks V.S. Mittens

5. Bonfires V.S. Football

6. Trick or Treating V.S. Watch Scary movies *this one is hard*

7. Apple Pie V.S. Pumpkin Pie

8. Halloween V.S. Thanksgiving

9. Bake Pie V.S. Bake Cookies

10. Rain V.S. Fog

11. Black Cats V.S. Owls

12. Ghosts V.S. Wizards

13. Harry Potter V.S. Halloweentown

14. Go Hiking V.S. Sleep in

15. Cinnamon V.S. Nutmeg

16. Reading V.S. Writing

17. Hot Chocolate V.S. Tea

18. Live in a Cabin In a Forest V.S. Have it be fall 24/7

19. Candy Apples V.S. Caramel Apples

20. Blankets V.S. Pillows

21. Roasted marshmallows V.S. Roasted Chestnuts

22. Coffee V.S. Apple Cider

23. Red Leaves V.S. Orange Leaves

24. Braids V.S. Bows

25. Scented Candles V.S. The Smell of Fresh Baked Goods

26. Carve Pumpkins V.S. Make Pumpkin Pie

27. Pumpkin Spice Lattes V.S. Chai Tea Lattes

28. Coats V.S. Oversized Sweaters

29. Beanies V.S. Berets

30. Candy Corn V.S. Peanut Butter Cups

31. S’mores V.S. Apple Crisp

32. Jump In a Pile of Leaves V.S. Swing on a Tire Swing

33. Corn Maze V.S. Haunted House

34. Bob For Apples V.S. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

35. Whipped Cream on Hot Chocolate V.S. Marshmallows on Hot Chocolate

36. The smell of pumpkin guts V.S. rotting leaves?

37. Sweet V.S. salty pumpkin seeds?

38. Store bought V.S. pumpkin patch pumpkins?

39. Wool V.S. knit sweaters?

40. Halloween party V.S. exploring haunted places?

41. Candy corn V.S. mellowcreme pumpkins?

42. Apple cider donuts V.S. pumpkin donuts?

43. The Nightmare Before Christmas V.S. Hocus pocus ?

44. Scary costume V.S. something silly?

45. Still, silent nights V.S. rainy, windblown ones?

46. Monster movies V.S. their classic novels?

47. Witches V.S. ghosts?

48. Raking leaves V.S.climbing trees?

49. Ouija boards V.S. ghost stories around a campfire?

50. Frankenweenie V.S. The Corpse Bride?

Well that’s it for today ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping to have a few more Autumn/Halloween post in the next few weeks, Le me know if you would like a fall reads recommendation post ๐Ÿ™‚

Goodreads:ย Stephanie Gillespie

Fall Essentials + Obsessions!


This post of going to sound so basic but I love the fall so much. It’s the season I look forward to all year. The leaves are starting to turn color,and its glorious. I love it so much.

I like to read paranormal/horror books in the fall. Coming in October I will be making a post of โ€œspookyโ€ recommendations. It’s such a good essential to have to get into a darker Halloween mood.

Make a Fall playlist, my favorite kind of music to listen to in the fall time is more indie, acoustic. I put a bunch of my favorite songs into a big list. Just a nice chill playlist to listen to while studying or reading.

How can I talk about fall without talking about candles! My favorite fall scents from Bath and Body works; Leaves, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, your whole place smells great and its just awesome. My new favorite is marshmallow fireside,I didn’t think I would like it but omg its amazing !!

Fall is by far the best time to wear boots. I’m so excited I got a new pair of boots and I love them !! Go for long walks in the afternoon with the crisp fall air and crunching leaves under my feet. Super comfy cozy sweaters, and it wouldnโ€™t be Fall without flannel.

And of course you need fall drinks weather you like tea or coffee, if not then grab a hot chocolate. Personally I love pumpkin spice lattes. I’m a very basic person ๐Ÿ™‚

I love spending time outside this time of year. So of course apple picking is a must. To be honest I went last weekend and it was so much fun. Something new this year where I live is Zombie Manor, its a house set up and you walk through it and its filled with zombies and other creepy things,I’m planning on going next weekend. Hopefully I don’t get too scared haha. Another thing they do around my city is Boo at the Zoo, it’s honestly my favorite thing, they decorate they zoo in all things Halloween, this is where I’m having my sons birthday party ( his 10th birthday is Tuesday, Where has the time gone ! )

It wouldn’t be fall without Halloween/horror movies. My favorite is John Carpenters Halloween and Earnest scared stupid I used to watch it every year as a kid and want to pass the tradition on to my son ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been so busy since school started and I haven’t had much time but these are some simple things I love to do and I’m so happy I still have time to do these things. Oh and I almost forgot Gilmore Girls, I dunno why but watching it in the fall there’s just something that makes it so much better. What are some of your favorite fall essentials?