Emmy 13 Month Update

I wasn’t planning on making monthly updates after she turned a year but I really missed writing them so I’m bringing them back !

This little girl is wild. Now that she can walk, she is running up and down the halls. Going into drawers and pulling everything out of them. She’s so curious and loves to see new things. She has such a huge sense of wonder, I hope she never loses that.

She had her one year doctors appointment and Emmy weighs 21 pounds and is 31 inches. The nurse kept on saying how tall she is. She is getting two new teeth on the top, on the right and left side in the back

She is starting to mimic people, the other day she grabbed a tissue and started rubbing it on the table as if she was washing it. Oh my god! It was the cutest thing ever! Then minutes later she ran into the kitchen, picked up the cats bowl and set it in front of him. She wants to be doing what we are doing.

Emmy still hasn’t said any words, the doctor told us not to worry about it. She suggested that we talk to Emmy and explain what we’re doing, pointing out objects.

She is so full of life, I can’t wait to see her explore. Lately she will smile at laugh at everything. I will look at her and she starts to laugh, or the cat walks by. Speaking of the cats Emmy is learning to be gentle instead of slapping the cats she now lays down her head on there back.

She does has a temper, when she’s told no Emmy starts to cry and scream. She won’t stop until she is distracted by something else. Most days now she is skipping her afternoon nap, those days she falls asleep earlier at bedtime.

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Emmy’s 7 Month Baby Update

7 Month Baby Update

I cant believe it Emmy is 7 months old. Here’s what’s going on with her this month when it comes to growth, feeding, sleeping, milestones, development and breastfeeding.

She went to the doctor this month for her 6 month check up, she is 19.4 lbs and 27.9 inches long. She is now in the 90 percentile she used to be at 97. She is wearing size 12 month clothes and some 18 months, pants in 18’s are to long but shirts are fine just a little roomy. She is still wearing size 3 diapers. Also had her 6 month immunizations, she got a fever this times and was in an off mood for a week or two. Grumpier than normal, not wanting to eat her solid foods and wanting to be carried everywhere.

She discovered that she can roll around a lot to get to places she wants to go. Emmy sat up by herself this month! She was playing on her tummy, pulled herself up on her hands and knees, and sat down. She is so close to crawling, I bet she will  any day now. She will rock and roll on her tummy, scoot around with her hands and feet. In the last few days shes started to get up onto her knees but is unsure how to move them forward.

Breastfeeding is going really well, but if shes distracted she wont suck or she rolls away. She’s tried so many different foods this month.Including: Pumpkin,Strawberries,blueberries, Yogurt, Broccoli, Spinach,Prunes,Mango and Turkey.  She is more efficient though it doesn’t take nearly as long as it used to take her to nurse. In August I’m going to start pumping in the morning to build up a freezer stash for when I return to work in November.

She loves to grab faces, especially noses and mouths. Shes not gentle so it can hurt,but she’s so happy doing it. She is getting so good at putting her soother back into her mouth.She loves bath time ,going for walks, drives in the car and rolling/crawling around on the floor. Some of her favorite toys are a little puppy that jingles, and some teethers. She is so funny she will put a toy in her mouth then push up on her hands and knees.

She dislikes putting on a shirt, when we get her dressed and pull the shirt over her head she gets so mad. She hates her crib, we tried sleep training at the beginning of July but it wasn’t the right time. It was just after her immunizations and getting the fever. It breaks my heart to hear her cry and see her little face get so red. We will try again in a few weeks.

That’s all for this months update!

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Emmy 6 month Baby Update

She has grown up so much this month, I feel like I say this every month but it’s so true. They grow and learn so much every month.

She just started wearing size 3 diapers,the size 2 were getting a little snug around her legs. She is still wearing size 12 clothes, I packed away all her smaller sizes,so now her drawers only have the clothes that fit. She’s drooling like crazy but still no teeth.

Foods she has tried:Rice cereal,Oatmeal,Sweet Potato,Banana,Carrots,Pears,Green Beans,Apples,Chicken and Butternut Squash. She absolutely hated the green beans and her favorite is the sweet potato and oatmeal.

She has mastered rolling over from back to belly and belly to back.When shes on her belly she can wiggle around to get a toy that is out of reach, she pushes off the floor with her toes. The other day I put her down and went to the washroom when I came back out she was in the hallway.She will army crawl in a circle and pushes
herself backwards, Its only a matter of time before she learns how to get up onto her knees.

She has gotten way to big for her baby bath tub, and she no longer enjoys being in it. She tries to sit up and then will cry. So she is now in the big tub with a bathring.
She loves the water and being able to splash, its so cute. She also went outside in her baby pool at the beginning of the month with Noah, she loves being in the water .

She is still sleeping in the bed with us. When its bedtime she will not settle for anyone else but me,I love that but it’s going to be difficult when I go back to work. She is still being breastfed, she refuses to take a bottle, but she will drink a little water out of a sippy cup.