Arc Review | Made in Korea by Sarah Suk | 2021

Review Copy, I received a free copy of this book from Edelweiss and Simon and Schuster in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Made in Korea by Sarah Suk

Themes: Contemporary, Young Adult

Reading Format: Kindle, eBook

Publication Date: May 18 2021

4.5 STARS //

I absolutely adored this book! I loved reading it so much.

Valerie is Korean -American and the younger sibling, she often feels like she will never live up to her parants expectations. That her older sister is the perfect daughter, except Valerie the is her Halmoni’s favourite. She dreams of saving enough money to take them to Paris.

Valerie runs a very successful student business with her cousin Charlie, V&C Beauty sells popular Korean skincare and makeup every Monday. Valerie is very driven and takes her business very seriously. While Charlie does it just to help her out, he’s more into basketball.

When Wes Jung, a new student from Korea starts at school, the students are drawn to him because of his connection to a popular kpop group. He starts up his own business selling kpop related beauty products. Immediately making Valerie into his rival.

I loved the banter between Valerie and Wes, as they tried to outsell each other. Even though at times I could see where the story was going I highly enjoyed it.

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