J-Hope Birthday | Cozy books that Feel like Sunshine | 2021

This is my second year being able to celebrate my ultimate bias birthday!!! BTS in general brings me so me so much happiness, but I do need to single Hobi out because he is just a little bit special. It’s the way he tries to portray a positive outlook, and gives every performance his all. The way he cares for the other members, and is always looking out for them. How he laughs with his entire body. He is a dance king! Today is his birthday. Let’s celebrate this special person’s day. Happy birthday to our hope!

He is literally the embodiment of sunshine and comfort.I’ll admit it: normally, when it comes to books, I’m into the ~dark and murder~ variety that usually offers some insight on tougher subjects. But since Hobi is our Sunshine I’ve created a list of cozy feel good books. Because what better way to celebrate him than to combine my love for BTS and books into one post. Because who doesn’t need some happy books to make them smile. So here is a list of books that just make me smile and are full of sunshine!

«Only one hope, only one soul
Only one smile, only one you»

Horimiya by Hero and Daisuke Hagiwara

This is my favourite manga series, I do have a couple to catch up on but I love everything about these books. The story follows Hori a girl that looks perfect at school, good grades, polite, nice friends, but at home she’s a makeup free homemaker. She takes care of her little brother, does chores and cooks the meals. Then there is Miyamura, is a boy who appears shy and mysterious. While at home he likes to style his hair and show off his piercings. Due to some events that happen Hori and Miyamura found out , each other’s secrets, and start up a friendship. This is such a feel good romcom, and define worth binging!

I’ll be the One by Layla Lee

This book have me such cozy happy feelings the entire book! Not to mention the sunny cover, which is gorgeous. I’ll be the one, follows Sky Shin a fat Korean American bisexual. It is her dream to be a performer, Sky is a very talented singer and dancer. When the opportunity to enter a televised Kpop competition arrives, Skye jumps at the chance. Of course she nails her audition and she is swept up into the competition with difficult choreography and songs.This is such a fun and entertaining book, which some serious discussions thrown in there that I think everyone should read not just kpop fans.

To all the boys I’ve loved before by Jenny Han

This whole series is so CUTE. We follow Lara Jean, a Korean American girl who writes a letter every time she has a crush. accidentally the letters get sent out, including one to her older sisters ex- boyfriend. Another boy who received s letter Peter Kavinsky, offers to fake date her in order to get Josh to notice her as more than his ex little sister. Other than the main plot of the story the family bond is my favourite part of these books. Along side of all the food mentioned!! To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is an absolute gem, a joy to read from start to finish. Jenny Han writes with a dreamlike prose that always makes it seem like you’re reading about real people. I also highly recommend the Netflix movies.

Red, White and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

I adored this book. So. Much. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if it ends up being my favorite book of the entire year. I want to mention that this book is new adult (not YA!) So there are some steamy scenes! Most fade to black, but they’re still steamy nonetheless.In this story, the President of the United States is a democratic woman from Texas who was elected after Obama. Her re election is coming up quickly, the politics and scheming were so well done. The MC Alex, is the son of the president, and is is to attend a royal wedding with his family. At the wedding he comes across Prince Henry, whom he strongly dislikes as he has always been a jerk to Alex in the past. This book also mentions BTS which is always a plus. The relationships and friendships in this book are so adorable and will have you smiling the entire time.

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

When I think of the words cozy, cute and sunshine, the first book that came to mind was Heartstopper. This book was just so dang cute, wholesome and gay! This is such a soft story about two boys, who get seated next to each other during a tutoring session and they struck up a friendship. Charlie is not apart of the “popular” boys but Nick is, he is good looking and on the rugby team, Charlie can’t help his growing feelings towards him. Nick and Charlie are just so adorable and my heart is soaring every time I read this series.

“Wherever my way
Only Ego Ego Ego
Just trust myself “

For this post/my Instagram post got today I tried to make Japanese Fruit Sandwiches. I didn’t have the proper bread, but they turned out decently well considering I’ve never made them before. I think the colours of the fruit snd the cream look so pretty together. Plus Emmy had a great time eating them.

What are some of you favourite feel good books? Do you stan BTS? If you do let me know your bias. I love meeting other army bookworms

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