My 2021 Bullet Journal Setup | 2021

Hello Friends! Today I’m very excited to bring you a different type of post from me . In 2020 I started my first bullet journal, I have always journaled ever since I was in middle school. So I tried a different form of journaling and through different spreads I found what ones work for me.

Now I’m not the most artistic. Or the most aesthetic but I really love how these pages turned out. I took inspiration from my friend Keeley, you can check out her video here. I hope you enjoy this post, as I had a lot of fun with it.

This is just a dotted notebook from Amazon, nothing to fancy but I like it. The stickers are from red bubble, of course I have both my ULT groups.

This first page is the one inspired by Keeley, I loved how simple it looks. My spreads in the past have been very colourful and I wanted to tone it down with more neutral colours.

This next page is my goals spread. I don’t have too many reading goals this year because I always choose to many to work on at once. I want to read 80 books this year, which includes two smaller goals of reading more middle grade and more translated books. Also I want to consciously read more diversely. I think I did a pretty good job but there’s always room for improvement. For personal goals I want to pay off my credit card and use my blog more. Also one last one, I want to seriously give learning Korean a go. It was one of my 2020 goals and I didn’t work on it. But it is something I really want to learn, so I’m going to be taking it more seriously this year.

As I just mentioned I want to read 80 books this year, which I have lowered from the previous years with a goal of 100. I want to enjoy the books I’m reading and not just finishing them to say I read another one. I’m hoping that a lower goal will take some of the stress away.

This next spread is for series I’m watching. I love keeping track of things and making lists. I have such a big list of kdrama’s I want to start. The page next to it is for books that I re-read in 2021.

My January title page, Caitlin use this quote in her 2021 spread and I absolutely adored it. I really love how these pages turned out.

And lastly, this is a spread I made for The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I am planning on reading this series throughout the year with a group on Instagram, as well as some buddy reads. I am so excited to read these books, I have wanted to for so long. Every year I try to start a new series, what better way to start the year than with a vampire romance!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, if you did let me know in the comments and I will make more like this in the future. I really enjoy bullet journaling, it’s a fun creative way to keep track of everything. Until next time, stay safe and happy reading xx

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