Album Review | BTS : Be | 2020

Happy comeback day Army!! ( I’m a little later posting this then I wanted too)This is my second comeback with BTS and while I loved MOTS 7 and it will always hold a special lace in my heart, Be hits differently. The pure love and heart and soul that went into each song, I cannot even put I to words how this album makes me feel.

Life Goes On

“Like an echo in the forest/The day will come back around/As if nothing happened.”

This is the title track of the album and I absolutely love it! Spring Day better hold onto her crown real close, because this song is here to rise! It is so comforting and with such beautiful lyrics. The harmonies are so pretty. Yoongi’s verse is probably my favourite, I love his mmm mm mmm. The music video deserves a special mention because I adore it. The whole concept of them just hanging out together, in there pjs playing games and eating pizza is so comforting.

Fly To My Room

“Come on now, let me fly to my room /Get me outta my blues /And now I’m feelin’ brand new”

This song is a subunit of Jimin, Taehyung, Yoongi and Hobi. Oh gosh this was not the subunit I was expecting to see but man, it’s incredible! Jimin and Tae’s vocals just melt together, it’s beautiful. Speaking of Jimin, the past few songs to have come out his voice is really highlighted. He sounds so good! Hobi rap, ughhh!! I love it. The lyrics perfectly sums up how a lot of people are feeling right now, confined to there house or room. All the emotions there feeling. This song was so amazing .

Blue & Grey

“I am singing by myself /I just wanna be happier /
Am I being too greedy?”

Ohmygod this song guys! The acoustic vibe, with Tae voice! The beginning gave me winter bear vibes but then the rap starts. I seriously have no freaking words. This song is absolutely gorgeous, and the fact it was originally written for Tae’s mixtape makes me so incredibly emotional and excited. It’s stunning in every single way. When I looked up the lyrics I couldn’t stop crying, there words are so powerful. This song is just everything.


“Even though we’re far away now /Our hearts are still the same /Even if you’re not by my side, yeah / Even if I’m not by your side, yeah /You know we’re together.”

This song is more upbeat then the previous ones. It starts off with a funky sound, and a wild beat. I knew I was going to love this song it hooked me within the first five seconds. Yoongi and JK harmonizing, they’re voices blend together so nicely.


“Uh, it looks like I lost something /I relieve anxiety with a sip of coffee /An endless rest /Uncomfortable happiness that suddenly came to me.”

OLD SCHOOL HIP HOP BEATS!! This song is a damn bop, and I love it so much. This song definitely has Hoseok all over it! The lyrics still hold so much emotion, even though I’m vibing to the song there words are deep.


“Hold still, it’s an order /The stars are brighter than ever /No matter where we are right now /Wherever you are /I know you always stay.”

Soon as this song started I knew I was going to love it. Another upbeat and kinda funky song. Jin and Jungkook voices sound so good together, and then add in Namjoon, they are such a good combo. This is one of my favourite songs on the album and to then find out it’s a song about BTS missing Army, has got me all in my feels.


“Cause I, I, I’m in the stars tonight /So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight (Hey) /Shinin’ through the city with a little funk and soul
/So I’ma light it up like dynamite, woah-oh-oh.”

This was the perfect song to end the album with! I am a huge fan of this song. I loved it immediately and I know it’s not everyone’s favourite, but there’s just something about it. Instant serotonin! It’s so fun I love it. It’s also there first full English song and it was nominated for a Grammy !!!

Every single song is a different type of healing! The album starts off with slower somber sound and end on a hype song. The whole thing is a journey and I loved it. It’s so amazing how BTS can put together songs that express what so many people have been thinking and feeling this past year. There music is unlike anyone else, I can’t get over how freaking good this whole album is!

What is your favourite song off the album ?

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8 thoughts on “Album Review | BTS : Be | 2020

  1. I like this review :)) this album is very precious. My favourite song has to be blue and grey, tae’s voice is so soothing. I like telepathy as well, to be honest I can’t really pick a favourite song haha.

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