October Wrap Up | 2020

Hi, friends! I hope you’re having a beautiful Monday, enjoying all the books your reading. Today I’m super excited because I’m here to talk about the books I read in October. I know I’m a little late getting this up, but I still wanted to share what I read this past month. I had a very ambitious TBR, and as expected I did not read everything. However the books I did manage to read were mostly four and five star reads.

October is my favourite month of the whole year and I tend to go a little over board. I had a really fun month, watching a lot of horror movies and reading some pretty creepy books. Some of the Halloween/Autumn activities we usually do happened to be cancelled due to Covid, but we still managed to get to the zoo, it was decorated minus the activities. I have a Vlog if you wanna check it out, here.

Now let’s get on to the books.

Crush by Tracy Wolff ★★★★★

This is the sequel to Crave, and I was completely blown away but how much I loved this book. We are I traduced to some new characters and one in particular stole my heart. I don’t want to say anything because it would spoil the ending to Crave. So in the first book Grace, moves to Alaska after the deaths of her parents to start at this Academy run by her uncle. Only the students aren’t normal, they are all paranormal creatures and Grace is the only human. She soon get swept up in the world of Jaxon a vampire prince, and her life is soon in danger. These books are so much fun and I cannot recommend them enough!

The Invisible Life of Auddie Larue by VE Schwab ★★★★★

This is quite possibly my favourite book of the year and a new favourite of all time.

A girl makes a deal with a devil at night. Everyone she meets immediately forgets her once she’s out of there sight. Until one day she meets a boy in a bookshop who remembers hers. Now does that not sound absolutely magical. This book was truly everything. I loved it with every fiber of my soul.

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas ★★★★

I’m so happy that I finally was able to read this book, it has been on my tbr ever since I heard the synopsis last year. This book has so much good in it, friendship,family, love and magic. Yadriel is a trans boy, and also a Brujo. Except a lot of his family dosent except him as either a boy or a brujo, so one night he heads to the church in a mission to prove himself along with his best friend Maritza. They end up performing a ritual to give Yadriel his powers, and then together they set off to find the ghost of his murdered cousin.I absolutely loved the Latinx culture, the food and traditions. I also loved the magic and the relationships. Highly recommend picking this one up.

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas ★★★★★

This is my third time reading this book, and I can honestly say I still love it as much as the first time. I just love these characters so much. And the amount of foreshadowing that I picked up this time was crazy. If you didn’t know my favourite character is Rhysand, he owns my heart! Under the mountain remains one of my favourite scenes in a book ever. If you haven’t read this book yet please do yourself a favour and pick it up.

Bunny by Mona Awad ★★★★

This has got to be one of the strangest books I have ever read but I really enjoyed it. The story follows Samantha, a bit of an outsider in her MFA program. She has a dark mind, and is completely repulsed by the pretty rich girls who call themselves “Bunny”. But everything changes when she receives an invitation to one of the Bunnies exclusive events. As Samantha gets pulled deeper and deeper into the group, she discovers things are much more darker than they appear. There was so many moneys when reading this that I had to stop, to just think about what I had just read. This was incredibly weird and I still don’t think I completely understand everything that happened. I know this book won’t be for everyone but I really enjoyed it.

That’s all the books I read in the month of October. What was your favourite book you read? I’m looking forward to having a cozy November, happy reading!

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8 thoughts on “October Wrap Up | 2020

  1. Speaking of coincidences: I just gave parts 1 and 2 of the Sarah J Maas books to a good friend of mine as a birthday present. I’m glad to read here it’s good! I can’t wait to hear what she will think of them herself. Looks like you had a great reading month! Gotta love October, one of my favorite months as well! 😊

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