Danika Stone Spotlight | Author Interview

Hello friends!! Today I have a really exciting post for you. I had the pleasure to interview Author Danika Stone, she has written some cute YA contemporary novels such as; Internet Famous, All the Feels and a survival story, Switchback. But today we’re here to discuss her Adult thriller series!! The third novel Fall of Night will be released by on November 1.

I am very excited to share this posts with all of you Danika is such a sweet and incredible person. I really hope some of you or all of you decide to pick up this series, because it’s phenomenal!

Okay, that’s enough of me talking let’s get in to the interview.

Author Interview

1. Hi Danika!! Tell us about yourself! How have you been these past months?

Oh goodness, I am not even sure where to start on that one! Pandemic times are… not normal, and I’ve been feeling that as much as anyone else. Writing lets me work from home, but it’s been stressful and my plot-brain has definitely not been up to its usual speed. In the last few months I finished a manuscript (YA) and a short pilot script (scifi), but otherwise I’ve mainly just been staying home, since all my summer time book events were cancelled.

Luckily, not all of the staycation requirements are bad. My husband and our three boyotes spent most of the summer hiking in the Rocky Mountains where our family has a cabin. Beyond that, I’ve been preparing for the final book in my thriller trilogy, Fall of Night, to head out into the world. That series, incidentally, ALSO takes place in the mountains!

2. Can you give a brief summary of what Edge of Wild is about for those who haven’t read the series yet?

The Edge of Wild series takes place in Waterton, the small mountain town where I grew up. It’s a creepily wonderful locale with a total Twin Peaks vibe! In book 1, Edge of Wild, American Rich Evans moves to town to take over a floundering hotel, but ends up stalked by a serial killer. Book 2, The Dark Divide, follows Louise Newman, a local mechanic and her strange prescient abilities. She can sense something dark is coming after Rich, but the question becomes whether she’s going to be able to stop it or not.

Book 3, Fall of Night, jumps right off from where books 1 and 2 left off. In this book we discover Rich’s past has come back to haunt him and it’s up to Constable Sadie Black Plume to find the truth behind the dark events! Here’s the back cover summary:

Rich Evans is desperate to say goodbye to his past in New York and embrace a future in Waterton with fiancee Louise Newman, a small-town mechanic with an uncanny gift of foresight. But even Lou’s warnings are not enough to avoid the new troubles threatening the isolated border town. Rich returns to Waterton to discover the body of his estranged ex-girlfriend has been found in a remote mountain lake.

Constable Sadie Black Plume uncovers grisly details linking Gabrielle’s murder to a web of organized crime with connections to all layers of Waterton’s close-knit community. With Rich as the main suspect, Rich and Lou are forced to prove his innocence in a small town where the term ‘outsider’ can be applied to anyone who wasn’t born there.

3. Fall of Night, is the newest book in the series and can be read as a standalone and I’d love to know what inspired you to write the story?

When I say that Waterton reminds me of Twin Peaks, I’m not kidding. The community where I grew up—and where my family has lived for five generations—is tight-knit and wonderful. But there’s another side. The locals have an aversion to outsiders and can seem downright menacing if you’re not from there. (My father once told me that to be considered “local”, your family had to have settled in the town before WWII.)

Then there’s the issue of where it is located. Waterton is situated in the middle of the mountains. You’re quite literally cut off from the outside world and even cell phone service is unreliable. Bears and cougars and a multitude of wildlife live right in town alongside you. (I had a warden warn me that there “might be a bear around” because they saw a dead deer in my backyard this winter.) Honestly, Waterton is beautiful but it can be unnerving.

I wanted to capture that creepiness and use it in a thriller. The supernatural bits naturally found there way in… and ta da! The Edge of Wild series was born.

4. What was your favorite part about writing Fall of Night?

One of the best moments of writing any book is when your characters stop listening to you and just start acting out on their own. In the case of Fall of Night, it was when the ghost of a person who’d died in book 2 suddenly showed up in book 3. I absolutely hadn’t expected the ghost to appear and yet… it happened. The unexpected moment completely threw me. But it was an excellent scene and it ultimately became the theme of Fall of Night, that everything comes back eventually.

That unplanned ghost appearance is my favorite moment in the book.

5. Do you have a favourite character that you’ve written?

My favorite character is whoever I’m currently writing, though I do have a few that stay with me forever after. In Fall of Night, Sadie Black Plume was the character whose voice I heard the clearest, and she was definitely my favorite during the writing of the book. Overall though, I love them all!

6. This is your first adult series, how is writing adult fiction different from writing Young adult fiction?

I think there are a lot of things that are similar and the writing process is primarily the same with writing, editing etc. One thing I will say, however, is that I do hold back a little bit with YA content. I often think carefully about whether this would disturb a teen reader…. and I have FAR less concern with adults. Ha ha!

Be warned: There are some seriously creepy scenes in Fall of Night!

7. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love to hike. I enjoy eating (though I don’t particularly like to cook). And I am fascinated with old buildings discovered while I’m travelling. All of these things make me happy! And no matter what, I have a book with me at all times.

8. Are there any recent or upcoming releases you’re excited about?

For recent reads, I absolutely loved Roz Nay’s Hurry Home and Kevin Craig’s The Camino Club. I’d highly recommend both! Recently I preordered Mark Oshiro’s Each of Us a Desert and I can’t wait to jump into that.

9. Any future projects that we should look forward to?

I always have a few works-in-progress. I finished up a new YA this summer called Define Terrible and hope to have news about that soon. For upcoming titles, the paperback version of Switchback (Macmillan 2019) comes out on December 8, 2020 and I am SO EXCITED for it to hit stores. There’s going to be a preorder campaign (with very cool swag!) coming soon, so keep your eyes open for that.

Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of your blog, Stephanie! It was great to be here.

“Fall of Night, third book in DK Stone thriller trilogy.”

Thank you so much Danika for the interview!!i cannot say enough amazing things about Danika, she is such a beautiful and sweet person, I hope you all pick up her book. She is s fantastic author and I truly love every interaction I’ve had with her over the years.

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