Book Review | Clown In A Cornfield by Adam Cesare| 2020

I need there to be more gory horror YA books!! I saw the cover of this on Instagram and immediately I needed to have it. Do t let the title of young adult horror turn you away from this novel, the gore and violence is in no way toned down.

CW: Violence, gore, blood, death

Quinn Maybrook is the new kid in town after moving to middle-of-nowhere Kettle Springs from her previous home in Philadelphia with her father after her mother’s’s passing. Unfortunately for Quinn she befriends the “bad crowd”, teenagers known for pulling pranks. The adults of Kettle Springs are a little behind the times and not open minded to any modernization.

A slasher novel with a strong political message, I’m not surprised that there is movie buzz surrounding this already. Ohmygod this would make one hell of a movie! Slasher movies are my favorite subgenre of horror, and to have a novelization if that feeling was everything! This book is non stop action, once you get past the set up for the book.

I will definitely be checking out some of his other books, and I just found the author,Adam has a YouTube channel where he reviews horror movies and fiction!

This book was so just so much fun to read. It’s the perfect book to read on a dark night, it had 80’s horror movie vibes which I loved. I highly recommend!

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