Korean Drama Review | Children of Nobody | 2020

I am fairly new to K-Drama’s, this being my second, but oh my god was this a wild ride! I was drawn to this drama because it features Vixx’s Cha Hakyeon (N), but I stayed for the mystery and thrilling story.

“When the moon rises above the barley field…
a child is eaten.”

“Children of Nobody” aired from November 21, 2018 to January 16, 2019 with thirty two half hour episodes, which is now available to stream on Viki.

Cha Woo-Kyung works as a child counselor at a children’s center. She has a husband, a daughter and is pregnant with her second child. On an afternoon, she is in a car accident that changes her life. Soon after the accident she gets herself mixed up with a murder investigation lead by detective Kang Jihyun ,the murderer is choosing child abusers as there victims. Cha Woo also starts seeing a little girl in a green dress, she is determined to find out who she is. I really don’t want to give to much away. Because that’s all part of the allure of the show.

Cha Hakyeon can do everything, sing, dance, and act, the emotional range he displays in children of nobody was heartwretching to watch. He plays Lee Eun-ho, a quiet man who works at the children’s Center, doing off jobs for the director.

When I finished the first episode it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. But I was hooked I needed to know who the girl in the green dress was among many other questions I had. Every episode is literally a rollercoaster ride and I found myself attached to the characters.

Children Of Nobody is a drama that tackled the difficult subject of child abuse and childhood traumas, but it was a thriller that kept you in the edge of your seat! I liked that there wasn’t any romance, not that I’m against that, but this drama was so intense it didn’t need relationships to complicate it.

This drama is certainly not going to be for everyone. But if you can handle dark subject, then this is a show that will stick with you long after you’ve finished. I feel like this is a drama that isn’t talked about, I only heard of it when I researched what Dramas Hakyeon starred in.

I highly recommend this drama!

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7 thoughts on “Korean Drama Review | Children of Nobody | 2020

  1. Nice to see you reviewing K-dramas! As you know I’m a huge fan of those😊 Haven’t seen this one yet, but it got recommended to me by someone else. Unfortunately I don’t yet have access to it (it’s not available in my region) but I hope it will because it does sound like my kind of series. Great review!😃

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      1. I’m currently in the middle of Flower of Evil and Train. I highly recommend both shows, as they have a great storyline, and are incredibly tense and well acted😊
        But as for this one, yes I definitely hope so too as this really sounds like my kind of show!😊


  2. I’ll have to add this to my list. So far I the only k-drama I have watched is ‘Crash Landing On You’. It was so dramatic I loved it haha!


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