Save Me – BTS Webtoon (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life 0) by BigHit Entertainment & LICO

Content and Trigger Warnings: suicide, murder, death, abuse, overdosing, forced institutionalization, depression, grief , trauma, abandonment, and loss of a loved one.

“No matter how many times I tried, I could never save all of them on my own.”

I have finally read Save Me, because it was recently announced that the story will have a continuation! So if you are not BTS trash like myself you maybe unfamiliar with this webcomic. It is basically a story told in an alternate universe where the seven emmener of BTS are not kpop superstars but just regular boys who meet during there time at school. Please be aware that this is a very dark story, with a lot of triggering content.

Seokjin, is the star of this story, as he has the ability to relive the same day. He has just returned from studying abroad in America,having lost touch with all his friends he begins to reminisce about there time together. He wakes up from a terrible nightmare to find out it is again April 11 and maybe his dream was more than just a dream. Jin then must find his friends and save them from a terrible fate.

The art is absolutely beautiful! The story as dark as it is was captivating, and left me with wanting more. Ocourse I had to go watch all of the BU content I could find. I highly recommend watching the music videos for I NEED U, Run, and Epilogue: Young Forever!!

Overall, this story just means a lot to me. You all know how much BTS means to me. I can’t believe all the beautiful content that BTS create for us! I for sure recommend this to any BTS fan. August is my ARMY anniversary month and I’m so happy to celebrate with all of you 💜

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