Folklore | Taylor Swift | Album Reaction

Hi! Hello! Today I am bringing you my thoughts and feelings on the new Taylor Swift album, Folklore. Other than my love for kpop, there are some other artists that I love and adore with my whole heart, and Taylor is one of them. Now that an entire day has gone by, and many listens to the album, I can put my thoughts into words, or am at least going to try. This album was a huge surprise, it was not promoted in anyway. So it was kind of like Taylor gave us a gift.

“and i still talk to you,
when i’m screaming at the sky”

Folklore is such a different album than what Taylor has done in the past, in such an incredible way. It is such a haunting and beautiful album, I loved every song. It has such a crisp cloudy walking in the forest in the fall vibe. And I am so here for that. I just really need a pumpkin spice latte, while surrounded by colourful leaves, wrapped in a oversized sweater while this album plays. This album is a masterpiece!

Her last album Lover wasn’t my favourite, I wasn’t a fan of a lot of the songs. But this one I loved everything about is. So let’s get into the song breakdowns.

The 1: This song sets the mood for the whole album, it’s a very soft sound with sweet heartbreaking lyrics. This is the perfect song for a quiet rainy day.

Cardigan : Instantly loved this one, it’s a perfect song! Such beautiful instrumentals, the soft piano, her vocals!

The Last Great American Dynasty: I love how catchy this one is, it has a good beat. This one feels like she’s telling a story.

Exile ( ft Bon Iver) : Ohmygod!! Bon Iver voice is something else! His raspy voice with Taylor’s, they sound so good! Such a haunting and beautiful so g. This is my favourite on the album. This was such an experience.

My Tears Ricochet: The lyrics in this one are beautiful, she is such a talented storyteller. The atmosphere of this one makes me feel a little sad.

Mirrorball: Such a heartwarming song, with soft guitar and killer vocals. This is a really soft song with a whimsical feel.

Seven: The harmonies are so pretty! This song is so dreamy. This is unlike anything she’s ever done, I love it here!

August : This song has a great buildup, and is also a fantastic atmospheric song. Beautiful acoustics, and lyrics. I love the contrast of the cheerful with sad lyrics. This is a while aesthetic! Another one of my favourites.

This Is Me Trying: The lyrics are so raw and honest. I’m so in awe, all of these songs are just so good. Her breathy voice is so calming.

Illicit Affair: Beautiful lyrics, I love how Taylor tells a story. This one sounds so pretty, the guitar and instrumentals!

Invisible String: Ohmygod this is beautiful! The guitar strumming, so good.

Mad Woman: This is iconic! She has such a dreamy voice. I love her! This is a powerful song, and should really listen to the lyrics.

Epiphany: This song is really soft, but her vocals are incredible. Truly her voice is magical. This one is really growing on me, it’s slower than what I usually like but it’s so pretty.

Betty: Yess Taylor!!! The harmonica, yes! This one is more of a country sound, ugh I love it. She did that, ugh so so good!

Peace: ohhh the high notes, yes! This one was good, but I didn’t feel emotionally attached. Still she’s so talented.

Hoax: What a fantastic way to end the album, this song wraps up the whole mood. Very emotional and deep.

This album speaks to my soul! Each song stands out on its own, but also blends so effortlessly together. She deserves a Grammy for this album and if she doesn’t I swear I’ll riot! This took me so long to write out because 16 songs!! But it was incredible and I’m so happy, this did not include the bonus track as I haven’t heard it yet.

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8 thoughts on “Folklore | Taylor Swift | Album Reaction

  1. YES, A FELLOW SWIFTIE!!! I’ve also considered writing my own post-slash-“review” (even though I’m not a music critic lol) of folklore because that album made me feel THINGS, but I’m gonna take some more time to stew with my thoughts.

    But yes, I do agree: this album is PHENOMENAL! I feel like, during quaratine, Taylor was having an introspective moment, asking herself why RED was so critically acclaimed by both fans and critics alike, and once she discovered the strengths of her own songwriting, she decided to focus on those strengths — catchy pop tunes and mainstream radio popularity be damned. I LOVED IT. She really just continues to grow, and I’m so happy to have been part of her journey as a songwriter/performer. 😊


  2. Loved reading your breakdown of Taylor’s new album! Ever since it was released it’s all I know listen to. What even is other music haha?


  3. Loved reading your breakdown of Taylor’s new album! I have had folklore on repeat since the day it dropped! Can’t stop listening to it 🙂


  4. “I love it here” is a great reaction to “seven”. Wasn’t folklore such a pleasant surprise, overall? Still processing it and trying to decide if it’s my favorite Taylor album or not. It’s difficult to decide (to say the least). But, once again, she has slayed an entirely new genre. Love it.

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      1. Isn’t it amazing? It was shocking enough when she produced three solid pop albums in a row. But then to suddenly turn out an A+ indie / folk record? I can’t breathe.


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