BTS Map of the Soul 7 |First Listen Thoughts and Feelings

Hello Friends, I am here today to bring you yet again another BTS post. On Friday the 21, they released their newest album, Map Of The Soul: 7. Comeback season is absolutely wild! This was my first one as I am baby ARMY. I can tell you at times it was very overwhelming.

I have no words to describe this album! The entire album is just so amazing. I had really high expectations after Shadow and Ego were released and BTS still managed to exceed my expectations and wow me. They always put so much hard work into everything they do and you can really see all the love in their work.

Map of the Soul: 7, lifted me up, tore me down, broke my heart, and then healed it. They just have that much power! Some songs hit hard with a dark feel that can be both heavy, but also make you feel strong.Then there are song that so sweet and fun, you can’t help but feel uplifted and happy!

Let’s get started on my thoughts about each song!

Interlude: Shadow – I loved Shadow from the second I heard it. Yoongi voice is so raw and emotional. Of course this wasn’t my first time hearing it, since the video has already dropped weeks ago. But I wanted to include it because I this is where the album starts. Yoongi is so talented!

Black Swan – This song is so beautiful, the way all there voices mix so well together. I especially love the transitions from Hobi and Yoongi. I listened to this song on repeat for an hour when I first heard it.

Filter – Jimin’s Solo, his solo’s are always so good. The acoustics, his voice is perfect. This song just feels like Jimin.

My Time – Jungkook Solo, I really like the chorus, I’m really impressed. I wasn’t expecting the song to sound R&B

Louder Than Bombs- The vocals are insane! The melody is so pretty. Definitely one of my favourites on the album.

ON – This song is an anthem, no wonder it’s the title track. The beat, and the chorus got me really hyped. Also Hobi’s rap, his voice is everything!

UGH! – This song is so hardcore, I love the rap line . There voices sound so good together. It’s funny because before BTS I hated rap, but their rap songs are some of my favourites.

00:00 (zero o’clock) – this song is really lovely, it has a sad sort of feeling to it.

Inner Child – Taehyung Solo, the chorus is gorgeous! This song feels like sunlight shining in through a window on a cold morning , while drinking a hot cup of coffee. Tae has such a soulful and calming voice. It’s such a soft song, I really love it.

Friends -Taehyung and Jimin subunit, I feel like this is a very personal song between Tae and Jimin. It gives off flashback in a movie kinda vibe, where we see there memories about there friendship. I LOVE how they use the word soulmate to describe a platonic friendship instead of a romantic love. This song is just so cute!

Moon- Jin Solo, this song is absolutely beautiful. I love his vocals, he has such a strong powerful voice.

Respect – Namjoon and Yoongi subunit, this song is so good. Why aren’t mire people talking about it !! It feels like a 90’s hip hop song and I love it!

We are Bulletproof: The Eternal – This is the next Mikrokosmos, which is my all time favourite song. This song had tears streaming down my face and that was before I looked up the lyrics. This song makes me feel stronger, like we are all in this together.

Outro: Ego – J-Hope Solo, I love that this is the closing song. It wraps the album up nicely with its old school vibes. Plus can we just stop and look at his outfits and his hair 💜 This song makes me feel really happy!

So, to wrap things up this album is one of my favourite albums of all time. I love it so much that at this time I can’t even chose a favourite song, I was hoping that writing out my feelings would help me pick and it only showed me how much I love each one. I can’t wait to see these songs performed live in Toronto. Omg! It’s going to be so good!!

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