Top Summer Horror Movies

Summertime is the season for slashers, sea creatures and camping , so I’ve created a list of my favourite summer horror movies to get me into the seasonal spirit. I get so excited for a new season or holiday, and I love creating content to enhance the sensation! Summer horror films are so much fun to throw on while the sun starts to set and there is a slight chill in the air.

I’ve selected the movies that I enjoy watching the most during the Summer, in absolutely no particular order.

I Know What You Did Last Summer

It’s the 4th of July, 1996 and four high school seniors are celebrating there last summer before college. After some drinks on the beach, Ray is tasked with driving as he is the sober one, Barry gets a little rowdy in the car, distracting Ray who accidentally hits a random stranger on the road.They go down to the nearby docks and dump the body in the water, One year later and now a freshman in college, Julie goes home for the summer, when she starts to revive threatening letters, saying g they know her secret.I love of this movie and the sequels.

Sleepaway Camp

The definition of a great summer horror must involve water, some sort of camping, and blood. Well, Sleepaway Camp has all those things.This movie feels like summer, when Angela is spending the summer at Camp Arawak.I love the drama between the campers, especially once the killings start. This movie is so cheesy and full of horror stereotypes, but that’s what makes this movie so good!

Friday the 13th (2009)

Of course it wouldn’t be a summer horror list without mentioning Friday the 13th. I do love the originals, but this remake is also really fun. Of course we have stereotypical teenagers, out in the woods,drinking to much and partying. When some of them stumble into crystal lake. This movie stars Jared Padaleki who is most know for his role in Supernatural.

Jeepers Creepers

It’s spring break, siblings Trish and Darry, are on a road trip home from college.While driving a truck is riding close behind them. The driver appears to be in a rush and doesn’t care if it runs them off the road. Later on,Trish and Darry see the truck again, its driver is moving what look to them like bodies from his vehicle by an abandoned farm. What I love the most about this movie is the creature known as the Creeper. He is so unique in terms of the monster, and he has a catchy tune that plays when he comes around.

The Shallows

Nancy (Blake Lively) is a college medical student headed toward a beach in Mexico for a vacation. She is looking to find herself, on the Beach her mother once loved. Upon arrival, she heads straight into the waters and surfs for hours but her fun is cut short when she is attacked by a great white shark and is left stranded only a short distance from the shore. I have been a fan of Blake Lively ever since Gossip Girl, plus the visuals in the movie are beautiful!

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8 thoughts on “Top Summer Horror Movies

  1. Nice list, I like my slasher films. Have you seen fear island starring Lucy Hale? I really enjoyed that movie. I also love the scream films, especially number 4.


  2. Nice list. I never saw the shallows. Sounds like another rip off of jaws from your review of it. But the Friday the 13th remake was good too but as you’ve mentioned, can’t beat an original. Especially when mrs. voorhees kept hearing her son, jason’s, voice in her head at the end of the orignal friday the 13th. Sorry if that is a spoiler for anyone.


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