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My Self Care Practices and Tips

Hi everyone, I hope your well. Today’s topic is about self-care, and the things I like to do to relax. As a mom of a busy toddler, a pre-teen boy and working full time, life can become stressful and exhausting pretty quickly. I am sure we can all think of a time when we haven’t really looked after ourselves.

‘Self-care means giving the world the best of you instead of what is left of you!’

Self care is something we should be practicing on the regular and that’s not always bubbles bath and meditating. Sometimes self-care also mean finishing all those projects we’ve started and have left half finished or cleaning up the house. It could also mean returning phone calls or emails.Self-care is all about practices that will benefits all dimensions of your health,physical,emotional,spiritual and intellectual.

I’m sure nothing on this list will be new to any of you, but I truly believe that these things help me and I wanted to share them with you.

Have a bath
I honestly love baths, especially with a Lush bathbomb! The water always looks so pretty and the heat will help loosen those tight muscles. Light some candles, turn out the lights and put on some relaxing music,just enjoy 30-60 minutes to yourself. This really helps me a lot.

Go For A Walk
I’m sure everyone has heard of this one get outside,exercise. I always feel so much better after being out in the sun. Nature is beautiful and something we cannot appreciate while worrying about all the other things on our to do list. So take a half hour, walk around the block, go sit outside on the steps.

Unplug for a while from electronic devices
This is one area I could take my own advice for. Putting away our phones and not checking social media every five minutes could do wonders for our mental health. Whether we want to admit it our not, most of us at sometime has compared ourselves to other’s we see on Instagram,were all guilty of it. By putting our devices away, it helps clear the mind.

Other self care tips: Use a Face Mask, Go to Bed Early,Read or Watch a Movie, declutter your space, keep a bullet journal,listen to music,meal plan,try a new workout,go shopping,see friends and family,garden, have a hot coffee and these are only a few of the things you could do to desires and practice self care.

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17 thoughts on “My Self Care Practices and Tips

  1. I’m such a sucker for self-care articles and write them often on my blog The Sunshine Suitcase. Of your tips, my favorite has got to be unplugging. I definitely think we underestimate the negative impact of electronics in our lives. Especially when you’re a blogger. It affects both my mood and my sleep schedule. Unplugging each day for a few hours helps me a lot.

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  2. Love this post! I have tried all of three things mentioned above and truly they are very rejuvenating. I like to go for a walk while listening to my favourite music, it really helps.


  3. I’ve not owned a bath for 8 years now and I miss it so much, but a shower works wonders for me, too.. They’re a blinking nuisance but they get me back into the right mindset for being productive. I’m so sluggish beforehand, drives me wild.

    I definitely need to get out walking more. It even saddens me to say this, nevermind for someone else hearing it, but my home stresses me out 100% of the time. I can’t relax at all, my brain is always switched on with the million things I have to do and there’s no single space to just relax! So yeah, walking needs to be put back on my agenda and quickly.. I go stir crazy at home, which is even worse since I work from home too. I also want to try walking on grass barefoot sometime soon, I’ve heard it helps to rebalance us.

    Davis |


    1. The winters here are cold and long so now that it’s nicer out I want to try and walk everyday. That probably won’t happen but it’s what I will strive for. I will have to try the barefoot on the grass tip 😊

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  4. Great tips! Baths are the best. So relaxing. 🙂
    I have really been enjoying face masks lately like the one you have in the pic you posted. I think its because it’s been my only excuse to sit still and relax for 15 minutes straight lately. lol
    Lovely post! Thanks for the reminder to take some time for self care. Things can get so hectic in life, so it’s good to get a reminder about the importance of making time for your mental health.


  5. Love it!! I didn’t used to be into baths, but recently I’ve been listening to podcasts, lighting candles, using bath bombs, and WOW is it relaxing! Lovely “me” time at the end of a long day. 😂


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