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Mental Health as a Book Blogger

I’m here today to bring you guys a more personal post. I wanted to tell you a little about my blogging experiences and how it has effected my mental health. Sharing this part of myself has always been really hard for me not just on the internet but to people in general. I’ve always been a shy, insecure person, so when I first started this blog I knew it would be a challenge to put myself out there. Because as a blogger we also need to connect with other bloggers, authors and publishers to succeed. Talking and opening up does not come easy for me, but honestly blogging has turned out to be an incredible experience. I actually have so many more connections and online friends than I’ve ever had in person.

There has been times where I’ve taken blogging breaks, my biggest one was during my time as a nursing student. I struggled with reading for myself and studying. I didn’t have enough time to read and blog, I felt I would become irrelevant. No one cares about what I review and have to talk about. I would look at other bloggers and think I will never be as good as them.I let the negative thoughts intrude on something that once made me so happy. I felt like a failure because I was following other college students and they somehow made time for both reading and studying.So that’s a little backstory, on my blogging journey.

One of my current blogging stressors is requesting to many books on Netgalley. Then feeling pressure to read them all at once. Well I’ve come to realize that’s impossible, so what I’ve been trying to do is read an e-arc every second book so I can try and get on top of them. This strategy seems to be working along with not comparing myself to other bloggers.

I’m currently really happy we’re I am with my blogging, I’ve started to write a few lifestyle posts that people have seemed to be liking along with my book related content. I would like to post more consistently and that is what I am currently striving for.

This year I’ve really gotten into Instagram and growing my presence on there, and I really love it. I wish I was more creative with my pictures, some people are amazing with the props but when I go to take a picture it’s like I draw a blank. But I am happy where my account is at the moment.

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38 thoughts on “Mental Health as a Book Blogger

  1. I’m so happy that you’re here and that you didn’t give up! I love your bookish photos on Instagram and all that you share. I am happy that we met as well! It’s good to acknowledge when things get a little rough and to take a step back. xox

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  2. Boy oh boy can I relate!! I also relate to the NetGalley thing and I’ve been trying to read/ review a NetGalley book every month…at least one. I’m not the best at it but I have stopped requesting books so I can actually get through the ones I have. Great post ❤ ❤

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I often feel too that what does my blog/bookstagram mean among so many others but I’ve made so many wonderful friends in this community and it’s become my safe space, despite those feelings. x

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  4. Netgalley is a blackhole when it comes to requesting! 😅 Its so easy to compare ourselves to others and I have a hard time with it too.

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  5. Thank you for this honest post. I can relate to a lot of things you said. It’s especially hard to juggle studying and reading books for fun, it doesn’t seem to work out very well for me. I either read a lot for uni and feel like I’m neglecting books or the other way around. It’s great that you found your way!! And I really like your Instagram feed 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! It is really hard to study and read for fun. Finding a balance is key sadly I couldn’t do it. I’m glad it’s worked itself out now. Hope you find your way too 😊


  6. I think it’s beautiful that you’ve decided to share this with us, I know it can be difficult so I value it a lot and I think you’re a wonderful person💛✨. ‘m so happy to have met someone like you, I hope that soon we can buddy read and I hope you continue blogging because I love your content 😊😊

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  7. This is such an honest post! I am so glad you came back to blogging and didn’t take any permanent breaks from blogging! I stopped reading for a while after University I felt I spent all day reading for my course that I didn’t want to read for pleasure but now I have found your blog I am going to have to check out some of the books you have posted about!

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  8. Thank you for addressing this very real thing. I relate to this on so many levels! NetGalley is literally a black hole. I have to have soooo much self control on that like… geez, 😂 I’ve pretty much just stopped going on that site, at all, because it’s just too much. But, yeah, thank you for this post!

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  9. You’re definitely NOT irrelevant! I’m not just saying this to put a pep into your step but you’ve actually become my favourite book blogger because your recommendations are spot on, I don’t feel like you’re just chasing the same reading material as everyone else or writing about what’s ‘popular’ right now. You’re real! Your recommendations are genuine, also as seen in the post I’ve just commented on before this.. The books you’ve recommended for mental health are fiction books and that’s so unique. If anyone else has used fiction books in a post then I’ve not seen it!

    Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoying the hell out of it. Please try not compare yourself to others, we all are at different points of our journey and the fans you have of your blog are fans for a reason! Also your IG feed is goals.. Honestly mine looks like a pig has pooped something nasty out… 😛

    Davis |

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  10. Oh… I wish I could be where you are someday. I haven’t recently started blogging, and if anything, I can say you’re doing an amazing job.. 😍 And your looks so interesting ❤

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  11. I think the guilt of comparing ourselves to other bloggers is something we all suffer from .. and it is really unfortunate that we let it interfere with something that brings us so much joy. You are awesome .. keep up the great work and enjoy the #escape

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