Emmy 16 Month Old Toddler Update

Emmy is 16 months old today!

Time is just flying, where did the last month go. I swear it feels like she just turned 15 months old. She is growing so much, and I wish I could pause time and keep her little forever. Not exactly sure how much she weighs right now because she doesn’t see the doctor again until she’s 18 months old. She is currently wearing 24 months/2T clothes, Size 4 diapers and size 6 shoes. Emmy now has 12 teeth, including 4 molars.

She is such a busy girl, walking running and recently she’s started to try climbing. She’ll lift her leg and put it in the couch of coffee table. Always seems to be in the move, She is such an independent little girl. If we turn our backs she will wander off down the hall into other rooms and start playing. We always have to keep an eye on her, she will pulls books off the shelves and take remotes or phones. I seriously can’t wait for the summer so we can go outside and she can explore.

Emmy does really well with eating, she eats pretty much everything we give her. She does have some fussy days where she only wants to eat crackers and bread. But most days she eats her meals. She loves bananas, oranges, pineapple, potatoes, carrots, spaghetti, toast with peanut butter, holy does this girl love her peanut butter! She also drinks a lot of milk, she will go through a 2L bottle in 2-3days.

Recently there has been a lot of tantrums, she is very strong willed. She k ones what she wants and when she wants it, if she doesn’t she gets very angry. She seriously hates the word “no” she will cry and stomp her feet. She gets very intense emotions.

She is saying a few words but not many, but she is still able to communicate what she wants by pointing and showing us. Even though she’s not talking she is very expensive, she will laugh or cry, she has a ton of facial expressions.

This pretty much wraps up Emmy’s 16 month update.

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10 thoughts on “Emmy 16 Month Old Toddler Update

  1. This is so lovely Steph! Your daughter is really cute. I am not a mom yet but I can understand how you must be feeling about her growing up so fast!!!
    Sending lots of cuddled and hugs…💖💖


  2. What a cutie! My girl is 16 months, too. So I can relate! Know exactly what you mean when you say tantrums. Actually seems like they’re going through very similar things, although my little one only has 4 teeth. Such a late teether!


  3. What a little cutie and it really does go SO fast doesn’t it? I feel like a few days ago I was still pregnant and I now have a sassy, loud mouthed 1 and a half year old, I just don’t understand how time is flying by so quickly.

    I feel like I hardly see my daughter too, despite being a stay at home/work at home Mom and only ever having had one day not spent with her since she was born. Madness.

    It amazes me how differently they are with clothing sizes. There’s your daughter in 2yo clothes and mine still fits into 9-12m bottoms and is only just going into her 18-23m tops/dresses. Crackers!

    Davis |


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