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What I’ve Been Watching Lately

Hi Everyone! I haven’t really been with watching many movies this year. Going to the theater is one of my favorite activities but with a toddler at home it’s hard to get out. The same thing goes for digital releases, it’s so hard to pay attention to a movie. I wanted to share with you everything I’ve been watching lately.


A Star is Born

This movie was so incredibly beautiful and so so SAD. Lady Gaga is extremely talented, her voice is truly amazing. Bradley Cooper completely amazes me. He directed A Star is Born which was also the first movie that he directed. This movie deals with some hard hitting issues so make sure you check out the content warnings before watching, one of them being alcoholism.

Captain Marvel

This movie was amazing, and an excellent addition to the MCU. Bri Larson is fantastic, I love her with my whole heart and soul! Her acting is exceptional, she really brought the character to life. I loved this movie so much! I’m not going to go into to many details because I have a full review, I have linked it in the title.

Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald

This second installment was a little disappointing. I was hoping it would have been as good as the first one, but the magic was just not there. Of course I loved all the creatures and Newt. But the plot was lacking and I found myself bored at times, don’t get me wrong it was still a good movie but I didn’t love it.

The Perfect Date

This is Netflix newest Original movie, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. This movie stars Noah Centineo, Laura Marano and Camilla Mendes. Noah plays Davis a senior in high school who desperately want to go to Yale, but doesn’t have the fiances. After he gets paid to take a girl (Laura Marano) to a dance at her school, he comes up with an app to go on other dates for pay. This movie was hilarious, I love Noah he’s great as always, he is the perfect cast for Rom-Coms. The real star of the movie though was Laura, she is fantastic and super cute!

TV Shows

Queer Eye Season 3

This show has become one of my all time favorites, I love the positive attitude the guys bring to every situation. I don’t think there has been an episode yet where I haven’t shed a few tears. I love Tan and JVN so much, they have such amazing personalities and I just feel really connected with them. My son Noah who is 12 also loves the show, his favorite being Antoni.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Season 2 was a lot darker than its first season, Sabrina is an amazing protagonist with a fierce feminist outlook. She stands up for her fellow witches and fights for opportunities offered to the warlocks. With the help of her friends she might fight the dark lord and the situations they get themselves into. This season had amazing representation, especially with Theo’s story line it was so well done. Also Nick Scratch is freaking amazing and I hope he and Sabrina are endgame!

I have also been watching the new episode’s of Jane the Virgin and absolutely loving them, this show has everything. As of last week Game of thrones has also started, at the end of the season I will have a post about every episode and how I feel about them and the season as a whole, but I’m so freaking excited.

Well that’s all for this post, let me know what movies/Tv Shows you have been loving.

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12 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Watching Lately

  1. I totally binged Sabrina. It’s such a great show! Queer Eye is also one of my favorites, although I usually don’t like reality shows at all.
    Crimes of Grindelwald was such a disappointment!


  2. I have seen the crimes of grindewald 2 times now and it does get better the second time,when all the anticipations have dissapeared you really can see the beauty of it. 😛

    Saw the swedish series Quicksand, such an emotional tv-series!


  3. Loved Captain Marvel! I felt like she was the female version of Iron Man due to her matter-of-fact way or speaking and confidence. Strong woman! I wasnt a big fan of A Star is Born. 🤷‍♀️ I really thought I was going to love it because I love movies about anti heroes and people who struggle with addiction, trauma, etc. But I felt like they were portraying Jack and Ali’s relationship as romantic when it was extremely abusive and codependent and I wasnt into it.


  4. I barely ever watch TV, just my soaps and Love Island when it’s on, barely watch movies either actually but I have been getting more DVD nights in with my Mom recently and I’ll be adding The Perfect Date to our list. Love a good rom-com! I’ve not seen Crimes of Grindelwald yet but as I die hard Harry Potter/Wizarding World fan I’m sure I’ll still love it, plus, Depp! *Swoon* 😛 How is it you not only notify me of great sounding books but films too? This is some kind of witchcraft!!

    Davis | http://www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk


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