The Risk by Elle Kennedy

Content and trigger warnings: Explicit sex scenes,drug use,alcohol, talk of past miscarrying, and a panic attack.

This book COMPLETELY lived up to all my expectations. Elle Kennedy is my favorite romance author, I do not like sports so for me to love these books says something about her writing. The Risk is the second book in the Briar U series by Elle Kennedy. We first met Brenna in The Chase, when she became close friends with Summer. I’ve been looking forward to Brenna’s book since we first met her, she is fierce,sassy and sexy.

Brenna Jensen:  Daughter of the Briar U hockey coach, her life has always revolved around hockey and she loves the game. That is why she is majoring in sports journalism, and desperately trying to get an internship at HockeyNet.

Jake Connelly: Captain of Harvard’s hockey team, he is in his senior and has already signed on to play for the Oilers, in Edmonton. His main focus in life has always been hockey, the game comes before anything else. But he can’t seem to stay away from Brenna.

While Brenna is at her interview to intern for HockeyNet, the man interviewing her is a total ass and is overlooking her because she is female. He only wants to talk about Jake as he is a huge Oilers fan, in a desperate moment Brenna tells him that Jake is her boyfriend. This is when the story really starts, the banter between Brenna and Jake is smart and witty. Being a part of rival teams they keep there “relationship” a secret from there friends. She is not shy about anything but she does not want to cause any problems with her friends, as Briar U gets ready to play against Harvard.

One of the things I love about this series is the old character’s still make appearances, these friendships mean so much to me. Elle Kennedy also explores how toxic the sports industry can be towards women. The men all look down on Brenna as well as another sports announcer, believing they cant possibly know as much about hockey because there girls.

Another issue that is brought up, is that what happens in our past is not our fault. Brenna went through some traumatic events when she was a teenager and this book explores that we can still feel guilty over events we have no control over.

I actually loved this one more than The Chase. I loved Brenna and Jake together. It was a perfect enemies to lovers romance with a slow burn and plenty of laughs. Elle Kennedy created the perfect chemistry with these two, my only issue with the book was all the obstacles they had to overcome before they actually got together. The third book, The Play has been announced it’s going to be Hunter’s book, and I can’t wait!

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9 thoughts on “The Risk by Elle Kennedy

  1. That’s a good review! I’m very selective when it comes to romance. Do you do know if this series is in the audible Romance Package?


  2. Great review! I also really appreciated that the fact that women are treated differently in jobs related to sports was brought up


  3. Awesome Review! I have my eyes on this series for a while now…. I will give it a try in the summer hopefully!!


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