What I Got My Kids For Easter |2019|

Hey Loves! As I mentioned on my Instagram, I am going to start creating more lifestyle posts. I saw a few people talking about what they got there kids for Easter and I thought that would be a really fun post to write!

Most of these items were bought from the Dollarama or Jean Coutu. I wanted to buy the practical gifts, things that they would be able to use. Of course I had to get Noah some treats, Emmy not so much as she is still to young.

Noah, my 12 year old is starting to become more difficult to shop for as his style and interests are starting to become more his own. In his basket I’ve included Dove Avocado Oil shampoo, he is sensitive to a lot of soaps but Dove is really gentle. I bought him a bamboo toothbrush, I’ve heard a lot of great things about these, so I threw one in there. He’s been asking me for Becky Albertalli new book for some time now, I actually bought this for him a while ago and forgot about it. I also included some bubbles, freezies, goat milk lavender bubble bath and of course some chocolate.

Now, for my 15 month old daughter, she is still young to fully understand what the holiday is about but she still needed to have a little something to celebrate. Miss Emmy will be getting a pair of rubber boots, I had a really hard time finding some in her size. Luckily my mom was able to find a pair for me. Just like Noah I bought her a bamboo toothbrush, as she has so many teeth now. She needed some new bath toys, and she loves the little boats. I ended up re buying them as her old ones were getting a little gross. Emmy got some bubbles too, as well as a bottle of Johnson’s lavender baby wash.

I will be working on Easter Sunday which I’m very sad about but I am off Easter Monday. I’m grateful I will get still get a day to celebrate the holiday together.I hope you all have a Happy Easter !

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15 thoughts on “What I Got My Kids For Easter |2019|

  1. The gift baskets are really cute and so thoughtful. Your children will be thrilled to find things that they enjoy plus some items that are good for them. I love it!

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  2. How adorable! We’ve done a little bit for Easter but not much. This year, I am tending toward baskets without candy (as my kids get plenty of sugar all year long). I’m excited to see more lifestyle posts out of you, as I’ve broadened out my book niche to include books, food, travel, etc, as well.


  3. Sucks u have to work easter Sunday! I hope that u make time and a half at least. Or some extra.
    The baskets are so super cute. I love that they is practical with whimsy!


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