Emmy 15 Month Update!


(14 months old)

This is Emmy’s 15 month update! I’m sorry I missed last months update, things just got really busy and by the time I noticed I don’t write one it was well into March. I cannot believe just how much she’s grown and learned.

Emmy is now wearing size 24 months and 2T. She can still fit into 18 months depending on the fabric and make of the clothes. She’s recently started wearing shoes,size 5/6, omg she is adorable in her outfits. She is still wearing size 4 diapers. Her hair is in a weird stage it’s long in the back and her bangs hang in her eyes, I bought her some hair clips, she’s so cute!

She is completely weaned from breastfeeding.She warned herself, I’d offer her to nurse and she would turn her head. I miss the convince of nursing, now we have to make sure we always have some whole milk in her soppy cup, also miss the bond we had, but she is still extremely cuddly when she’s tired.

We are still co-sleeping, but she no longer wakes up at night to feed. We will probably continue to co-sleep until we buy her a toddler bed in a few months. At night time she goes to sleep between 6 and 7. In the morning she tends to wake up around 7am. For naps, it depends on the day and her mood. Most days she will nap just before lunch, if we have an early lunch she will nap afterwards.

She is now running, she’s super confident in her walking. She stomps her feet, we recently took her to the park and she was jumping in the puddles. She’s always on the move, exploring the house. Opening closets and cupboards, so we use the baby gate to block off the kitchen. That’s where the cat litter is and the cleaning products,so the kitchen is off limits. I can’t wait for the snow to melt and I can take her to the park, it’s going to be so much fun!

She says a few words but not many, she can say ma-ma, da-da, this,that,kitty and na-na. She seems frustrated at times, when she wants to say something and she doesn’t have the words yet. She points at things she wants, which is so funny sometimes.This Girl has so many teeth, she has 4 molars already and all her front teeth. I’ve started brushing her teeth, she thinks it’s fun, laughs and bites the toothbrush. So hopefully she’s done with the teething for now.

She goes through so many emotions throughout the day. She is the sweetest thing, she will give hugs and lays her head down. Even with the cats she runs her face on there belly’s. She’s so loving with the people she’s comfortable with, meeting new people she will still cry. She has such a silly sense of humour,she snorts and hisses, then will laugh.She is so smart, she can point out her nose,eyes and mouths. She throws a ball, and shares her toys with us.

Thanks for reading our 15 month update 😊

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11 thoughts on “Emmy 15 Month Update!

  1. Aww she is really cute… My niece is now 3 and I remember those days… Loved your post.
    Take care of yourself and your daughter. Blessed are the parents who have a daughter.


  2. Oh my, some of these photos! She’s so darn adorable! Reading these makes me want to write updates on my daughter too, even if just for personal use… These posts are going to be SO precious not only to you but also to Emmy when she’s older! Does she like wearing her hair clips? Autumn always pulls things from her hair whenever I try putting anything in! The only thing I can get away with is tiny little elastics but I don’t want to use them too much because they’ll start splitting her hair. 😦

    Davis | http://www.everythingstartswithtea.co.uk


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