The Simple Wild by K.A Tucker

Trigger and content warnings for abandonment, talk of cancer, and loss of a loved one.

“Just don’t make the same mistake I did and fall in love with one of those pilots.”

The Simple Wild follows a twenty-six-year-old named Calla, who lives in Toronto with her mother. While her Father lives in Alaska, Calla has never met her father she only ever talked to him over the phone. Until even the calls stopped, so Calla was surprised to get a call one night from a woman who urges Calla to finally meet her father, after all these years, because he has lung cancer. Calla who has recently been laid off from her banking job, decides she will fly out to Alaska and meet her father. The town is fictional but Oh-My-Goodness was is beautifully written.

Calla is such a wonderfully written character and I adored her. Her character development was so realistic. She arrives in Alaska anxious about meeting her father, resenting him for choosing Alaska Wild, his company over her and her mother. But,she is willing to try and form a connection with him, and there relationship develops it just warms my heart. She is knows who she is and inst afraid to show people what she’s made of. She runs a lifestyle blog with her best friend and I loved every time it was mentioned. I thought Calla was so relatable, I don’t often read a lot of book’s where the characters are Canadian so this book get bonus points for that as I’m Canadian.

Jonah is a fantastic character ,hes the rugged alpha male. Deep down he has a sensitive side, and he really cares about the people in the town. He is a pilot for Calla’s fathers company and he is often described as the “best pilot”. I loved the contrast between his teases and his loving side.

“He’s not like any other guy I’ve dated or crushed on. And while he’s capable of making my blood boil like no one else, I feel a magnetic pull toward him that I can’t explain.”

Of course this is a romance book, and oh boy did I love the romance between Calla and Jonah. Its an enemies to lovers plot line that starts out as soon as she meets him. Jonah was so hard on Calla when she first arrived and wasn’t afraid to tell her what he thought of her. He pulled pranks on her to try and get her to see how the people of this Alaskan town survived. I love the way these two bicker and banter.The romance is definitely a slow burn, but that is my favorite type of romances, where the relationship develops realistically. I rooted for them so badly!!

This book brought on so many tears, happy tears and sad tears. And, this book is just so breathtakingly beautiful. This book turned out to be so much more than my initial expectations.

Overall, I just loved this. The setting was absolutely perfect and so very atmospheric. I loved the romance and the family dynamic. I LOVED this with all of my heart & soul! It is deferentially one of my new favorite romances and I recommend it to everyone!  It’s one of those books that will leave a lasting impression on you long after you’ve finished it.

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7 thoughts on “The Simple Wild by K.A Tucker

  1. What a lovely review! I appreciate your warnings too because the lung cancer aspect could really kill a lovely romance if you didn’t know it was lurking. I find myself nearly always wanting a good enemies to lovers story and this sounds perfect!


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