Blogmas Day 22: 2019 Bookish Goals

I hope everyone is having s good day. I was stumped on what to write about today, so I decided to write about my Bookish goals for 2019.


1. My reading goal for 2018 was 50 and I’m happy to say I surpassed that goal. So for 2019 I would really love to be able to read 100 books!

2. I really want to read more Fantasy. It’s my favourite genre but I’ve had such a hard time getting into fantasy books this year. With having a new baby, reading contemporary was so much easier to get into.

3. I want to read all of Cassandra Clare’s books. This has been a goal of mine for sometime now and this is going to be the year I do it.

4. I also plan on finishing trilogies that I have started and have not finished. I actually have quite a few of these.


1. I am going to try and start a blogging schedule. I want to post more consistently and more often in 2019.

2. I want to interact with the bookish community, I have made some amazing book friends this year. I would love to build on those friendships and connect with more book bloggers.

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