Blogmas Day 20: The Lost Sisters by Holly Black

1.) The Cruel Prince: ★★★★★

“Let’s start with a love story. Or maybe it’s another horror story. It seems like the difference is mostly in where the ending comes.”

This is a novella following the events of The Cruel Prince, written in the formats of a letter to Jude from Taryn. She wants to explain why she did the things she did, and tell her side of the story. It’s a sort of an apology.

Taryn desperately wants to fit in and fade into the background, which is the complete opposite of Jude. This story allows the reader to see small glimpses of The Cruel Prince and the events that take place. Taryn isn’t as innocent as she believes, she has also made her choices even when she could see she was being manipulated. She is very selfish in my opinion.

It also confirms that Locke is the worst. He played both sisters, for his own amusement. He is manipulative and a complete jerk. He makes the girls crave his attention, and when he doesn’t give it to them they believe it is there fault. That they must have done something wrong.

The writing is absolutely beautiful of course. Holly Black remains one of my favourite authors. I really loved this addition to the story and I’m so excited for The Wicked King !!

“Faeries despise humans as liars, but there are different kinds of lying. Since you and I first came to Faerie, Jude, we’ve lied to each other plenty.

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