Blogmas Day 15:Darius the Great is not Okay by Adib Khorram

TW: Bullying/Harassment, Death, Terminal Illness, Discussions of Depression and Suicide

This is a coming of age debut novel, that touches on mental health.This was such a wonderful and heartwarming debut novel.

This book follows our main character Darius. He is half Persian, born and raised in Portland, Oregon to a white American father and Persian mother. He is an avid tea drinker, and loves Star Trek. At school he is bullied and he feels like the outsider who doesn’t fit in, even in his own family.

His grandparents live in Iran, and when his grandfather takes a turn for the worst,his family plans a trip to visit them. This is the first time Darius has met his grandparents and his first time in Iran.

Darius has such a wonderful voice and I loved him with my whole heart.

“It’s okay, not to be okay.”

The way the author address depression was very well done. Both Darius and his Dad suffer from depression and there was a positive mind frame around medication. I love how it is openly talked savour between the two characters, it was represented so well.

I loved how much of the Persian culture was part of this book.

This book was freaking fantastic and I highly recommend it!

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