Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Traditions

Happy day 11 of Blogmas!! I hope everyone is enjoying all the posts, I know that I love seeing everyone posts and Vlogs. Today I wanted to share some of my Christmas traditions.

1. Christmas movie marathon

There is nothing I love more than being wrapped up in cosy blankets and drinking hot chocolate, while watching my favourite Christmas movies.

2. Bake and Decorate Cookies

This is a fun activity to do anytime but especially at Christmas. As we prep to make special cookies for Santa.

3. Decorating the house

Of course this is an essential part of the holidays for me. I love seeing the tree all decorated and looking at the lights. Plus it’s an easy easy to include the kids, Noah enjoys putting the decorations on the tree. Emmy is still to young but next year she can be involved.

4. Making Gingerbread Houses

This is something I like to do every year with Noah. It’s simple but a fun way to spend time together.

5. Count down with an advent calendar

Every year I buy Noah one of the chocolate advent calendars, he gets to open it after school and he always looks forward to it. This year we have one that have little doors and you open them to see what’s inside, since Emmy is a baby and can’t have any chocolate, I thought this was a good way to include her.

6. Going to The Christmas Parade

The parade is basically the kickoff to the holiday season, in my city it happens in late November. We try to go if the weather is good, sadly this year we didn’t attend. But I’m really hoping to go next year as Emmy will be almost 2 and excited to see Santa.

Let me know down in the comments what some of your traditions are !

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