Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber

This was such a cute little Christmas book. It wasn’t to Christmassy though it just took place around the holidays. Debbie Macomber is a popular romance author, this is my first book I’ve read and it won’t be my last.

Ashley unexpectedly gets some time off work and she decides to go home to Seattle for Christmas. Only problem is when she goes to buy a plane ticket she is told they cannot sell her one. In the line behind her is a man named Dash also trying to get to Seattle for a big job interview, he is also told there’s no seats available.Next Ashley tried to rent a car, but turns out you need to be 25 and she’s only 24. Dash and Ashley agree to travel together from San Francisco to Seattle.

There is a lot of bumps along the way, causing tension between two. I really love there banter and teasing, I couldn’t help rooting for them.During there trip Ashley picks up a puppy and it makes the story so much better !
The Hallmark Channel did make a movie adaption of this book, that I’m interested in watching. Mainly for the cute moments with the puppy!  If your looking for a fun quick Christmas novel, I recommend picking this one up.

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