Blogmas Day 5: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

“If I cannot be better than them, I will be so much worse.”

Some books are over-hyped. But The Cruel Prince is just so good it is worth the all the hype. I absolutely loved this read! This was one of my most anticipated book of the year and I can’t believe it took me 11 months to read it.

This is the first book in a dark YA Fantasy series. The story follows Jude a human living in fairy with her twin sister Taryn and older Sister Vivi who is half fae ,with the fairy who murdered there parents. Jude and Taryn are human therefore they are bullied at school, even though they have a high ranking father figure. One of the worst being Prince Carden and his group of friends,

Jude is a fantastic main character. I love her. She is a wonderfully complex main character. She is very strong and clever. Jude is a very morally grey character, she makes some choices that makes you question her.She trains hard in hopes of becoming a knight in the kings court. Her perspective was really interesting having grown up in Fairy. She is very determined and ambitious, to gain respect amongst the far.

Moving in to another character, Carden he’s the youngest prince ,and he’s horrible. He’s responsible for a lot of the bullying. He is another morally grey character, we later learn why is behaves the way he does. He is wicked and charming. I’m sick a sucker for characters like him so naturally I loved him even though he’s awful.

“Because you’re like a story that hasn’t happened yet. Because I want to see what you will do. I want to be part of the unfolding of the tale.”

This was an incredible story on so many different levels. Hollys Blacks writing is lyrical and sucks you right in. I mean her descriptions of the characters and the surrounding are beautiful.

I have a soft spot for fae centered novels. The plot is very fast past, with a lot of twists and turns. A main plot point is that the King is stepping down from the thrown, and the crown won’t go to the first born. The King is to chose who the next King will be of his children.

There is not a lot of romance in this book, but there is so much drama and I loved every minute.

Also this book ends on the biggest cliffhanger and I can’t stop thinking about it!! Holly Black is the QUEEN of writing fae. I have read all her books and she amazes me every time. I cannot wait for The Wicked King !!

“Most of all, I hate you because I think of you. Often. It’s disgusting, and I can’t stop.”

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7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

  1. I just wrote a review on this book and I was so obsessed with it, it’s one of my favorite reads for the year!! Great review 🙂


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