Trick or Treat Tour|Interview with BookBookOwl and Giveaway|

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Welcome to the First Annual “Trick or Treat” Blog Tour hosted by Moonlit Reads!

This tour is the first to come of many. It takes place during the last 13 days of October leading up to Halloween Day. Trick or treat along the tour finding giveaways, interviews, blurbs, and more! You can find the start of the tour and its schedule here.

Now, let the spooky begin

I am very excited about this post, put in a lot of work and it was really fun.I had the pleasure to Interview Jen from BookBookOwl, she is a sweetheart and creates beautiful bookmarks over on her Etsy shop. She has also agreed to help me host a giveaway for you guys. I hope you enjoy the post and enter the giveaway, by the way it’s international!

Could you introduce yourself and your shop?

My name’s Jen and I live in Perth, Western Australia with my husband, 2 year old daughter, dog, chickens and a hilarious flock of ducks.  My shop is called Bookbookowl (the same as my Instagram page) and I sell bookmarks with bookish designs and quotes.

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1. When did you first open your shop and what made you decide to start creating bookmarks?

I only opened my shop in July 2018.  I had been coming up with some bookish designs for a while before that, to use as props in my bookstagram photos on my Instagram page, and decided that I enjoyed it so much I’d like to expand into selling them to the wonderful bookish community.

2. What is you’re most popular print?

At the moment it’s a tie between my Throne of Glass inspired “Rattle the Stars”, my Daughter of the Pirate King inspired “When one is a pirate” and my Harry Potter inspired “A Wizard’s World” bookmarks!

3. Do you create prints from your personal favourites or general popular fandoms?

A bit of both really, although some of my favourite books are not all that well known, so I’ve avoided making too many of those as I worry they won’t be very popular!

4. Do you find it difficult to promote your shop? What have you done to gain a following?

I haven’t found it all that difficult so far, due almost entirely to the fact that I had close to 15k followers on my bookstagram page by the time that I opened by shop.  I had a ready made ‘fan base’ I guess you’d call it, of people who already knew me and my style.  I genuinely love giving people something a bit extra or different, so I regularly come up with promotions that differ from just a general sale (for instance, when I released some new designs a few weeks ago, I offered anyone who bought two or more a free custom made bookmark featuring their Instagram handle).  I also ran my first rep search and have 12 wonderful ladies who promote my bookmarks for me on Instagram!

5. How do you manage to make time to make your bookmarks, while also living your day to day life?

I have no idea.  Haha.  Between running a pretty full on bookstagram page I’m extremely dedicated to, reading and reviewing books for publishers and raising my daughter, I’ve somehow managed to fit it in.  I suspect I have somehow been gifted extra hours in my days without knowing about it.  🙂

6. What sets your bookmarks apart from the other shops?

I think I just have my own general style and as I’d received too many flimsy bookmarks in my time, I decided mine had to pass my picky, perfectionist standards.  So each of my bookmarks is printed on thick, professional photo paper and laminated with a silky matte laminate to make them extra strong.  I also couldn’t bear to use any glossy laminates, because I know just how difficult it is to photograph those for bookstagram! 🙂

7. Since it is getting close to Halloween, have you created any themed bookmarks for the holiday?

Yes!  I have four Halloween themed bookmarks.  A Practical Magic inspired one that has the quote “She preferred cats to human beings”, A “Double double, toil and trouble” bookmark and “Something wicked this way comes” bookmark (both of which come in 6 different witchy variations) and a sweet black and pink pumpkin design sporting the quote “Sometimes we all need a little magic”

8. Where did you get your inspiration from to make the Halloween items?

Mostly from Practical Magic and classic Halloween style quotes.

9. What is the biggest challenge you have faced since opening the shop?

My own self confidence.  Honestly, without the bookstagram world cheering me on, I would have never gone ahead with opening my shop.  I wasn’t convinced my designs were good enough (because my perfectionism hits hardest on myself) until people there started demanding I put them up for sale so they could buy them.  I’ll be forever grateful that they did!

10. What is your favourite fandoms?

I think probably Harry Potter, ACOTAR, Caraval and The Raven Cycle would come in as my favourites!


Together Jen and I have come up with an amazing Giveaway for you guys! The winner will receive 4 Halloween Bookmarks and a bookmark of there choice from the shop. The Giveaway will start today October 27 and run until November 2 . I will announce the winner that night, and will message you and help you get in contact with Jen. This giveaway is in international ! Good Luck !

To enter :
You Must be following my blog :https://betweenfoldedpages.wordpress.com/ and like this post
And Jen’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookbookowl/

For Bonus entires
Follow my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/betweenfoldedpages/
Follow my Twitter: https://twitter.com/SteffieReads

I really enjoyed working with Jen and I hope I can do something similar in the future ! Happy Reading and Happy Halloween.

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