The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

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TW: Graphic murder, rape,miscarriage and school shooting.

This was a very dark gritty read, there is a lot of tough subject matter that leaves your emotions all over the place. The first chapter sucked me in and I could not put this book down.  The narrative is split between Charlie and Sam’s POV’s. As the reader, we get to read the horrific events from both perspectives.This was such an intense read! I went into the book not knowing anything about the story. I was immediately sucked in after the prologue, it was really gory, which isn’t something everyone can handle, so be warned going in.

“Neither one of us will ever move forward if we are always looking back.”

The Good Daughter starts off on a remote farmhouse in a small Georgia town. The book opens with a really horrifying event that sets the whole book in motion. Two men broke into the farmhouse, where Samantha and her sister Charlie were forced to watch as there mother was murdered. If that wasn’t bad enough the men led the girls into the woods. The events that follow will haunt the girls, and change there lives.

28 years later, Charlie finds herself involved in another tragedy ,a school shooting, at the middle school, involving the murder of two people. The suspected shooter is an eighteen year old girl with learning disabilities.

Charlie: The youngest sister, become an attorney herself and lives in the same hometown as her father. She is having marital problems with her husband

Samantha: The oldest sister, moves to New York . She has some disabilities from the event that happened to her as a child. I really liked her as a character, she is smart and quick thinking.

Rusty : A notorious defense attorney who believes everyone deserves a chance at justice. He represent a lot of questionable people, making him some enemies within the town.

I thought that the characters were really well done. The relationship between the sisters is strained, I loved seeing them come to terms with what happened to them .I felt so much anguish for the trauma and pain these girls are put through.

There are so many things that I loved about this book.  The aspect of family and how even though, you may not always agree with one another , your still family. I was a little disappointed with the last few chapters. I felt the ending wasn’t as climatic as the rest of the story, which is a bit of a let down and why I only gave the book 4 stars.

“Nothing ever truly faded. Time only dulled the edges.”

The Good Daughter had me on the edge of my seat .Slaughter is an amazing writer.If you haven’t read anything by this author, then you really need to get out there and pick this one up. I am really excited to read more of her book’s. Let me know in the comments what one I should read next!

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11 thoughts on “The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

  1. I have pretty much followed Karin Slaughter right from the beginning, and she really is a terrific writer. I might have read a book by her that was a little bit less interesting, but never one that is terrible. This book I haven’t read yet, but I hope to get it maybe even this year. Great review. As for others to check out: I loved the Will Trent series, probably one of my favorite characters that she wrote about😊


  2. Damn, my love! You got this review out fast! And it is AMAZING! Thank you so much for buddy reading this with me – I couldn’t have done it without you! Hehe! I love you and I hope your next read is amazing, sweetheart! Happy reading! ❤ xx

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