Welcome to Ghost Town by Gretchen Gomez


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Welcome to Ghost Town is Gretchen’s second poetry collection. It is different than Love and You, but holds the same lyrical writing. This collection is incredible! I am so blessed Gretchen asked me to read it before the publication date. This is a stunning and beautifully written poetry collection.

Welcome to Ghost Town is about 25 ghosts, each given a name and a voice. Gretchen pours her soul into her writing. Addressing a lot of tough issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, homophobia but also about hope and strength.

I felt such strong connections to some ghosts, and it was so well done. I am so proud and honored that the book community has allowed me to know her. To be able to read her thoughts and see her overcome everything she has been through in her past.

I encourage everyone to read this collection of poems, you won’t be disappointed!

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