Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann


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“Love shouldn’t hinge solely on exposing your physical body to another person. Love was intangible. Universal. It was whatever someone wanted it to be and that should be respected as such.”

This book made my heart so happy! I had a huge smile on my face for most of the chapters. This was one of the first books I’ve read where asexuality was openly discussed. There is a TON of incredible representation and diverse characters. I cannot express how much I LOVED this book.

From the first chapter, this book addresses acephobia and confronts a lot of the misconceptions around asexuality. Alice’s girlfriend breaks up with her because of her being ace. She accuses Alice of not being able to love her as much as she does. Margo says a lot of hurtful things to Alice. Alice ends up living with her two best friends Feenie and Ryan, who are engaged. Soon after she meets Takumi while working at the library,she has a reaction to him that she has never felt before. Changing her perspective on romance and challenges her feelings.

Alice: I LOVED ALICE SO MUCH. Alice is a 19-year-old biromantic asexual black woman.She is strong and very passionate. She loves Pinterest and watching TV shows,
loves to eat and she writes critical essays on her favorite shows and movies. I found her to be she relatable, and I would want to be her friend.

Takumi: He is  a young Japanese man, who wants to be a teacher for younger kids. He was such an adorable freaking character.I loved him so much! He is patient with Alice and kind, he doesn’t pressure her or make her feel bad about who she is. He is a gem. I loved his and Alice’s relationship. The romance was wonderful,and so sweet. They started off a friends and eventually grew to be something more. It was just so sticking cute.

“If knowing you’re asexual makes someone see you differently, then they don’t deserve to be in your life.”

This book also has a big focus on found families. Her friendship with Feenie and Ryan plays such a huge role in her life but also how she forms such a great friendship with Takumi. I disliked how her parents treated her and tried to force her to study law just because that is there profession and her siblings followed suit.

Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann has got to be the best romance novel I have ever read. 100% would recommend to anyone.

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8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

  1. YES! Let’s Talk about Love has been on my TBR for ages and I really need to get my hands on a copy. There isn’t much asexual representation in YA, so I have to treasure it when I find it.

    If you are looking for more ace rep in YA, then you should check out Tash Hearts Tolstoy. I haven’t read that one yet either, but I have heard raving reviews!

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